Corporate Hall of Shame: Wal-Mart, Ford, etc

I've never liked Wal-Mart. Their way of doing business really turned me away from their stores.

Now, Corporate Accountability International has issued their Corporate Hall of Shame!

Here is the list:
  • ExxonMobil has avoided paying $4.5 billion in damages as a result of their infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill. This is also a gracious recipient of several tax breaks and tax relief.
  • Halliburton is the greatest profiteer from the Iraq invasion, it has been awarded $20 billion in government contracts. This corporation is currently moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai in an effort to run away from the money that it owes the United States.
  • Wal-Mart is a wretched company to work for. Most of Wal-Mart's workers are below the poverty line but their executives are raking in dough and living big.
  • Kimberly-Clark has denied its contribution to the destruction of the ancient forests in North America.
  • Coke drained water supplies in drought prone areas in India and undermines confidence in local water utilities.
  • Ford has awful fuel efficiency and pollution ratings and has blocked government efforts to improve auto emissions.
  • Nestle has denied its role in the obesity epidemic, drained valuable water supplies for its products, and uses child labor on its cocoa farms.
  • Merck kept Vioxx on store shelves 4 years after learning the pain medication causes heart attacks and has monopolized AIDS medications in Thailand.

Please visit the Corporate Hall of Shame for more info

Supreme Court: How much fun can they have?

Thankfully the supreme court has decided to turn back the clock to a time when segregation was common practice.

Not exactly but it is damn close. Today, the Court voted 5-4 to strike down integration in Kentucky and Washington.

It is bloody amazing how much these little buggers can accomplish when they put their mind to it.

Within a matter of days the Court has limited ethnic integration, upheld a ban on a necessary medical procedure for women, curbed student's free speech rights, allowed corporate money into political advertising, prevented taxpayers from challenging the constitutionality of the administration's faith based initiatives, and made it almost impossible for women to win claims of longterm sexual discrimination.

It would seem that people learn very well from history. They learn so well, that they take action to make sure that they have the opportunity to exert their will on others so that they can prevent any uprising.

Freedom From Religion

How far would you go to be free from an oppressive and corrupt religion?

On June 11, 1963 Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam burned himself to death to bring attention to the repressive policies of the Catholic government that control South Vietnam at that time.

Buddhist monks asked the regime to lift its ban on flying the traditional Buddhist flag, to grant Buddhism the same rights as Catholicism, to stop detaining Buddhists and to give Buddhist monks and nuns the right to practice and spread their religion.

While burning Thich Quang Duc never moved a muscle.


More Talent. None of the RIAA

Smaller music record labels or independent music artists have talent by the barrel full.

One tremendous example is Drunkmouse Records. With bands like Liquid Cheese, BPM, and Fighting Chance it is no surprise that this record label has a strong following. And it isn't surprising that because of the way the music industry is that these bands aren't more popular.

Musicians aren't ultra successful on talent alone. To be most successful they must submit to the will of the RIAA, an association of money hungry record executives that are parasitic in nature and feed off of the success of their moneymaking musicians. The RIAA largely controls the music heard on the radio and lobbies for even more stringent copyright protection to allegedly protect their artists' work.

Hopefully there will come a time when music can really be about the music. Check these bands out if ever you have the chance.

Did I Say Democrats are Spinelessly Incompetent? Yes. I Believe I Did

Please go back to a time when John Roberts and Sam Alito were appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bush.

It was at this time that the Democrats launched a defense against these two nominations and prevented the court from becoming out of balance...

Actually, their defense was quite feeble and they cowardly allowed President Bush to take his action. It truly shows their complete lack of willingness to fulfill the duties of the positions they were elected to.

And now we as a nation must suffer the consequences of a Court that acts not in the favor of its people but one that abrasively acts to defend the powerful and trample the weak, or should I say rich and poor?

Yesterday the court issued these rulings:

  • Individuals, who believe their tax dollars are being unconstitutionally misused by the White House to promote religious beliefs, aren't allowed to enter a courthouse to make their case.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency can avoid its responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act, even though it's a law reflecting the public will as passed by the democratically-elected Congress.
  • Corporations can once again use their checkbooks to flood the public airwaves with political ads during election season, again overruling Congress.

How many times must we bear the consequences of a failing government before we take action to rid ourselves of the corruption and the political show?

Credit Bill Scher and AlterNet. Original Article can be found here: Right-Wing Judicial Activism Runs Amok


Successful Marriage or Your Money Back!

I propose a new national law.

A 30 day money back guarantee!

Actually, no money back.

We need to generate some revenue.

Here goes:
Newlyweds should be able to opt out of a marriage within 30 days. Or more realistically, 90 days. If within that 90 day period after the marriage either participating party may opt out of the marriage and all records pertaining to the marriage will be null and void. To put it simply, it would be as if it never happened, legally anyway.

Of course 30 or 90 days are just arbitrarily chosen. Perhaps that value should be even greater.


FICO score estimator

Are you curious to know what your credit score is?

Try this free credit score estimator to see where you are at

The FICO® Score Estimator


Columbia, a Wretched Company

I just read this article by Analee Newitz about how media giant Columbia is changing the legal system in this country.

Some judge in California, Jacqueline Chooljian, decided to agree with Columbia. Here are the details:

Random access memory, or RAM, can best be described as working memory. Computers use RAM to hold all information necessary for the current operation to take place. It is considered volatile, meaning that when the computer is powered down all information contained within the RAM is lost.

Columbia argues that since users populating the site Torrentspy use the site's search feature to "infringe" on copyrights owned by Columbia, Torrentspy must turn over all evidence so that Columbia can prove that. The problem is that Torrentspy does not keep any records of its operations because all the information is run through their systems' RAM. Remember, RAM leaves no trail.

The judge agreed with Columbia. And if Torrentspy loses their appeal they must find a way to record all information that passes through their systems' RAM so that they can produce this information in the event that a future lawsuit occurs.

What this could mean is that any information that passes through a computer's RAM is subject to search and seizure. IM conversations, VoIP conversations, or anything produced by a computer are all subject.

This is a bad sign of things to come.

Alternet.org article: Megacorp Columbia Forces Frightening Legal Precedent

Hippocracy of the US Gov

Please read this post by Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars.com for an example of how things are not as they seem.

In Ethiopia, Fear and Cries Heard Only When Oil Is Involved

The only thing of importance to the Amerikan leadership is not the pillaging and plundering of a people by it's own government, it is not the removal of a cruel government, it is not freedom from tyranny, it is in fact the necessity to secure oil.



Some important things to consider whether or not you should commit yourself to your partner.

What does it take to make a relationship work?

Is it love at first site? Is it based off a fleeting moment of marvelous intimacy?

Look at the research and take note, an everlasting relationship is built off of something more than what a person feels. It takes more than an impulse of attraction or an instinct that the person you met just last month can really be the person that will be your partner for the rest of your life.

In reality, here are some important considerations to make.

The ability to listen to and understand your partner is an invaluable asset. 83% of happy couples agree that their partner is a good listener; 18% of unhappy couples agree. 79% of couples agree that their partner understands how they feel; 13% of unhappy couples agree. It makes a person feel better if they know that their partner actually cares enough to listen and truly understands the situations they face.

Having a good balance of leisure time together and apart is important to maintain one's sanity. 71% of happy couples agree; 17% of unhappy couples agree. It is also important to be able to easily find things to do together. 86% of happy couples agree; 28% of unhappy couples agree. People need to be compatible in their schedules. If one person likes watching television on Friday nights and their partner likes going to the casino than there is going to be a problem because neither one of them would be happy unless they are doing what they want to do.

The ability to communicate one's emotions, feelings, and difficulties is important. 90% of happy couples are very satisfied with how they talk to each other; 15% of unhappy couples are satisfied. 78% of happy couples are creative in handling their differences; 15% of unhappy couples creatively handle differences. This shows how important it is to communicate and solve problems efficiently.

A person's financial maturity is incredibly important. What would be the point of one person being frugal and the other buying everything under the sun? It is a recipe for disaster and even resentment. 80% of happy couples say making financial decisions is not difficult; 32% of unhappy couples agree. The ability to handle one's finances is important and it directly affects the well being of their partner. If you are incompatible when it comes to money you are incompatible, move on.

85% of happy couples indicate their sexual relationship is satisfying and fulfilling; 29% of unhappy couples agree. Some sexual difficulties can be worked out but if you aren't on the same level it isn't going to work because it isn't going to be enough for one of you.

Flexibility and willingness to solve problems is important. 87% of happy couples are both willing to make adjustments to the relationship; 46% of unhappy couples agree. 85% of happy couples can share feelings with their partner during disagreements; 22% agree. Can you argue without feeling put down or belittled? If not, move on.

Having an understanding of your partner is so important it gets a second mention. 87% of happy couples indicate their partner understands their ideas and opinions; 19% of unhappy couples agree. Comfort and admiration of your partner is the foundation of mutual respect.

To sum it all up:
  • Listening skills are important. If your partner doesn't listen to you, find someone that does.
  • The way you spend time together is important. If you have trouble finding things to do together that both of you are happy with, move on.
  • Communicating how we feel is what translates into self-worth. If you aren't able to communicate to your partner you may feel worthless and it is time to step back and move on.
  • Financial compatibility is so important. If you are having money problems and your partner is not willing to make changes, you need to seriously separate or else you may be drug down into financial ruin.
  • Sexual intimacy needs to be something you both appreciate in similar ways or else it really isn't going to work.
  • Solve your problems. If you aren't able to solve problems they will accumulate and eventually overwhelm you. End the relationship and find someone that you can work things out with.
  • Mutual respect and understanding. If you don't have it the relationship should be over.
Credit to Psychology Today for publishing their survey results: Love Is Not All You Need


Check Your Credit Report. Its the Amerikan Thing To Do

We live in a time in which some people try to improve their position by stealing from others.

In 2004 Arizona had the most instances of identity theft in the United States with 142.5 victims per 1000 Arizona residents.

Checking your credit report regularly offers you a bit of security in that you are able to monitor your credit identity.

Monitoring your credit report also allows you to find any inaccuracies which may be adversely affecting your ability to finance for larger big ticket purchases.

You can use your credit report to improve your use of credit. Take it even further and check your credit score. That FICO score is the last word when it comes to financing so make sure you make responsible finance choices so you can survive in this money driven world.

AnnualCreditReport.com allows you to obtain a free credit report from any one of the three credit reporting bureaus. Since you are entitled to one free credit report a year from each bureau it would be smart to get a credit report every four months. In this way you can have as many as three free credit reports a year.


The Fallacy that is the Catholic Church

It was recently reported by David A. Love that Pope Benedict XVI issued some callous statements regarding the takeover of indigenous cultures by the Catholic Church.

To be specific, the Pope suggested that Catholicism has purified indigenous populations and called on the resurgence of indigenous religions as a step backward. He also said that the indigenous populations were longing for Christianity and welcomed the onslaught of faith that the Catholic priests brought with them during the European conquest.

The church has a horrible history of human rights violations against people of different ethnic backgrounds. Throughout history religious institutions have turned their back on, supported, and even promoted horrible acts of violence and thievery in the name of God.

Popes have issued several edicts which turned forth the rape, enslavement, pillaging, and genocide of millions of people whose only crime was being different.

The Church is far behind the times and needs to update its policies on sexuality and economics.

It actively promotes abstinence and denounces any form of contraception which has left the African Catholic population decimated by an AIDS epidemic. The vows of celibacy taken by priests and nuns were intended to prevent the wrong families from acquiring too much power within the church. It prevented men from inheriting church property and had absolutely nothing to do with spirituality or a commitment to God.

In Latin America there is a growing trend of liberation theology which focuses on social justice, political activism for the poor, challenges people in high places, and views Jesus as liberator of the oppressed. This theology is rejected by Benedict and the Catholic Church because it is Marxist inspired and a threat to the faith. It is more of a threat to the stranglehold of power that the Church has maintained for centuries.

It is a manipulation of faith that endorses the powerful and protects the rich.

For more on the article by David A. Love please visit: Pope Bendedict Argues Catholic Church 'Purified' Indigenous Peoples

Take a Break from Consumerism

How long could you go without buying anything new?

Excluding the essentials like food, health care products, medicine, and underwear how long could you go without purchasing a brand spanking new object?

If you belong to the Compact, a Bay Area based initiative to abstain from consuming new goods than you have dedicated yourself to abstinence for one year.

That means, no new ipods, cds, laptops, televisions, dvds, cell phones, etc...

Could you do it?

Amerikans produce 4.5 pounds of trash per day, making this nation the filthiest of all the industrialized nations.

Do your part and do try to not buy so much crap. Break out of the cycle of consumption that has been drilled into our heads since birth...

Do you really need that new purse?

Visit sfcompact.blogspot.com to read more about this initiative.

Huckabee, One Republican that is Just Aching to Tell You How to Dress

The following video opens the discussion to a national dress code:

Thank you Marie Claire magazine, for exposing yet another negative quality of our elected officials. Mike Huckabee (R - Arkansas) has stated that mini-skirts attract unwanted attention to a woman's private parts.

I will take it upon myself to educate the former governor of Arkansas.

The proper term for private parts is in fact genitalia. Or, even sexual organs.

Seriously, these Republicans just keep getting worse and worse.


Dems are such a disappointment

In case you didn't know, the democrats approved a bill that will continue to fund the occupation of Iraq without a time line. They did the opposite of what they claimed they would do during their campaign in 2006 to win the national legislature. They continued to fund an illegal occupation of another nation. They continue to allow the rape of Iraq for the profit of a select few US organizations.

It is most obvious that the democrats are no better than the republicans and they are both to be mistrusted.


Presidential Candidate Edwards proposal for health care

Presidential Candidate John Edwards, former senator of North Caroline, is arguing his case for president.

He claims that if elected he will "force health care companies to spend at least 85% of the premiums they collect directly on patient care."

He has also claimed that he would "seek to cut health care costs by reducing the number of drug companies that hold monopolies on breakthrough drugs through long-term patents and by better coordinating treatment of chronic illnesses and preventative care."

His proposal "would require insurers to report how their premiums are allocated to ensure that no more than 15 percent goes toward administrative costs and profits, down from an average of 30 percent today."

Read more about his plan and decide for yourself if his plan could actually succeed here: John Edwards for President.

At least he has a plan. But his plan is flawed in one way. He is a democrat...


Send encrypted files with:

This is how you send encrypted files by email...

1. Use an archiving software like Winzip WinRAR or 7-zip.
2. Right click on file to be encrypted.
3. Select add to archive or add to zip file.
4. Depending on which program you use you can apply a password to open the file. Using winRAR the password option is on the advanced tab. WinZip has it on the window, it is a box to check that says encrypt added files.
5. Enter password select strong encyryption and email the .zip , .rar , or other file.
6. Make sure the other person knows the password. but don't email the password.

Download winzip:

Download winrar:

Download 7 zip beta:

Arizona: Health Care Scorecard

Arizona ranks:

26 overall in health system performance.
33 in access to health care.
47 in quality of health care.
8 in avoidable hospital use and costs.
9 in healthy lives.

47th in quality of health care. Let that figure rock the vote. Tell your leaders they need to start funding health care.

While you are telling them that tell them to funnel more funds into education as well.

A bit of test taking advice

When you find yourself taking a test, say a multiple choice exam, and you come back to a question that you had answered previously but you are thinking that now it'll be time to change that answer to something else. You really aren't too sure though. What do you do?

Well, in many instances your first instinct is wrong. On average, test takers most often change their answers from incorrect to correct.

Contrary to popular belief you may be better off changing your answer than going with your initial instinct.

The reason people think that staying with your first choice is better is because people are more likely to remember changing an answer from right to wrong than from wrong to right. The action resulting in a negative consequence will loom larger in our memory.

Source: Psychology Today

Acetone does not increase fuel mileage

Courtesy of Snopes.com:

There is no evidence to show that acetone, or nail polish remover, increases fuel mileage. Acetone is in fact a corrosive agent and will dissolve any rubber in the fuel line.
It is recommended that you do not add acetone to your fuel system.


your government is a fine piece of work

If you know me you know that I am neither Democrat or Republican because I see the two parties as two sides of the same problematic coin.

I will say this,

Republicans sure know how to mess stuff up. Their party claims that the less involved a government is the better. Surely this would apply to sexual health or a person's body?

No. Senator Sam Brownback, presidential candidate, does not think that rape victims should have the right to have an abortion. He says that although the rape is a terrible crime there is no reason that it should result in the death of an innocent child.

There goes your government again telling you what you can and can't do...

credit to Cliff Schecter

A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll has struck a blow...

Science no longer has any power.

Actually it isn't dead yet but some fundamentalist religious leaders are trying to spread their misinformational propaganda to strike science down.

A recent poll shows that 53% of the US population thinks that evolution is true. 44% think that evolution is false.

Unfortunately, 66% of the sampled population thinks creationism is true. 31% think it is false.

However, if these evolution deniers were somehow presented with evolutionary evidence that proves that evolution is indeed the best fact based theory we have they would surely turn from the dark side. Wouldn't they?

Poll shows that 82% of the sampled population is familiar with evolution.

I disagree. I think if they really paid attention in school they would be more accepting of the evolutionary idea, but...

86% are familiar with creationism. Makes sense. Most Amerikans have attended some form of religious education.


Does anyone know what inflation is?

Sometimes I really don't think so. You hear it all the time. Especially when the old timers speak up about how they could buy a gallon of gasoline for less than $1. Now with local gas stations selling petrol for about $3 a gallon the rate of increase is astounding. But you see it everywhere.

Recently local movie theaters raised their admission prices. Locally tuition has been rising at an absurd rate (The Higher Cost of Higher Education). Governments and companies are not doing enough to combat inflation.

Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. It is measured as an annual percentage increase. As inflation rises, every dollar you own buys a smaller percentage of a good or service.

In other words, as inflation increases and time passes, purchasing power for actual goods and services decreases. I present this example, at one time $1 could purchase 1 gallon of gasoline. Inflation has reduced the purchasing power such that $1 purchases 0.33 gallons of gasoline.

Governments usually try to keep the rate of inflation at 2%-3%. This is sometimes regulated by issuing currency but I don't really understand the details of the concept.

According to the economic experts some inflation is good and it indicates a growing economy. A companies earnings and revenue increase at the same rate as inflation so stockholders aren't concerned with inflation.

When investing it is very important to consider the predicted rate of inflation. Say for example you keep your money in a savings account that earns a measly 3% over the course of a year. With a starting balance of $10,000 that should come out to be $300 of earned interest. But say that inflation over the year was 4%. So in reality, even though the balance of your savings account now reads $10,300 the purchasing power of that money is less than what it started as because it did not keep up with the rate of inflation. The return on the savings account is actually -1% (3-4=-1).

Investing with the knowledge of inflation may help you out.

Also, governments and companies should do their part by increasing the wages of their employees by at least the same rate as inflation.

Environmental collapse

After reading this Alternet article, Colony Collapse: Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?, I must admit to my own ignorance.

I had no idea honeybees were so important to people's food consumption. Apparently, farmers use honeybees to pollinate their crops. Due to human development and expansion, the area of natural habitat is decreasing. A smaller habitat equals one thing. A smaller population that can be sustained within said habitat.

Ok. So how important are honeybees really?

According to the article they are hella important. Their loss could result in an agricultural catastrophe resulting in very high prices for normally affordable foods. So a $3 pack of strawberries could very well cost $6.

Increasing prices without increases wages results in people being at a deficit in their purchasing power. So the economic consequences of a decrease in the honeybee population are alone worth the effort that should be taken to remedy the situation.

Remember, food does not magically appear in the supermarket.


Differences between Definition of Success & Long Lasting Happiness

Success is more like the term "self-efficacy". It directly relates to how a process results in a specific task. Happiness is more of an all encompassing emotion that comes not only from success but from aspects of life that are intangible.

Happiness comes from within a person as a result of actions or feeling that a person experiences. Happiness will provide me with the strength and motivation to be successful. Success will be reflected in my happiness, increasing it.

They are different because success is more goal oriented while happiness is more of an individual feeling. A community can be successful but not happy. An individual can be both successful and happy.

Theories of Spirituality that Resonate with my Values and Beliefs

Deepak Chopra's theory matches very well with who I am. The Law of Pure Potentiality reminds me how I look within myself for that initial strength to accomplish my goals. The Law of Giving mirrors my personal goal of being able to be there for the people in my life at all times.

Jesus spoke to his followers about unconditional love. This is an ultimate goal of mine and it resounds very strongly in how I approach the people in my inner circle of trust. If I can show the people who are closest to me the deepest love than I can be a beacon of trust and strength in their lives.

Tzu's Principle of Oneness reminds me of how I encourage communities to come together as a single entity to accomplish their goals and solve their problems. This is the best way to deal with situations. The Principle of Dynamic Balance resonates with my belief of tolerance and acceptance. This shows that differences should be respected and it directly mirrors my beliefs about how masculine and feminine qualities should be combined and embraced.



Marriage is a symbol of love between two people. It symbolizes that two people have dedicated the rest of their natural lives to loving another person unconditionally. Unfortunately, someone at some point further defined marriage as an official union between a man and a woman.

The concept is now so outrageous that the popular culture follows the antics of celebrities that actively engage in cycles of marriage and divorce. People are somehow amazed with this. This is a problem because it creates a privilege out of something that used to only be made of love.

I strongly encourage that people admit to their mistakes, especially when it comes to marriage. Sometimes a married couple just does not turn out the way it "should" have. That is ok. Get a divorce and move on.

Marriage should not be political, or public. It should be a special connection between two people, regardless of who those people are.



Terrorism is defined by the Department of Defense as the unlawful use of force against society to coerce or intimidate governments to yield to objectives. Looking back at history we can analyze the American Revolution.

To the British the Revolutionaries were nothing more than terrorists. However, in America history classes the revolution was a freedom of oppression. My point is that what may be terrorism to some may be a liberation for others. It all depends on which side of the fence a person belongs to.

So alleged terrorists in the United States should be put through the justice system just like any other common criminal. That does not deal with the problem. Society needs to address the problems the terrorists are attempting to call to our attention. Those problems may be illegitimate but it is still important to address them.

Convicted terrorists should be given the ability to rationally voice their concerns. The justice system is more than capable of handing out a suitable punishment. It would be wrong to end a terrorists life.

That creates a sense of hostility to the cause that person was trying to bring attention to. It perpetuates violence. Violence is never going to be the answer to our problems as a species. There are many other ways of dealing with conflict.

War in Iraq

War is an armed conflict against an enemy. Unfortunately many nations now go to war in an instant. There is no more diplomacy. Too much energy is put into differences and how to obtain more wealth. It is my personal opinion that the war in Iraq has been very beneficial for certain people of power.

Namely, shareholders of Halliburton, Chevron, and Lockheed Martin. Shares of stock have risen dramatically since the Invasion of Iraq. Iraq is now left in ruins. Its infrastructure is decimated. Its people are in a constant state of fear and stress. Violence is nearly unstoppable. But certain people have benefited from this and in their eyes it justifies everything. Was Hussein truly a threat?

I cannot say. Were claims and justifications for the invasion exaggerated? Yes. What is done is done. I would recommend splitting the country up into smaller countries and allow its people to self-regulate their communities. The people living in the communities are best equipped to handle their own problems.

They experience their life everyday. It is the local people that can best deal with the current situation. The powerful countries should give aid free of charge. This will allow the Iraqi people to rebuild their society without an impossible debt looming over their shoulder. This will also create a sense of trust and caring between all the nations involved in the rebuilding process.

The war could be over just as quickly as it started.

Implications for Outsourcing

The concept of outsourcing is detrimental to everyone except the consumer and the corporation. The corporation is able to keep its profits up by outsourcing its labor or manufacturing to countries with softer manufacturing restrictions. The consumer is able to save money by purchasing goods at a lower cost.

Now, lets look at how this affects the worker in either the United States or the country being outsourced to. For the US worker, job security is a thing of the past. There is someone available in another country to do the same job for less pay and fewer benefits.

So this takes away some of the negotiating power that unions and individuals once had. The foreign worker is now exposed to what may be dangerous manufacturing practices with lower pay and fewer benefits.

The United States Government should drastically re-approach its free trade policies. This is a bad thing for the countries being outsourced to and a stressful situation for American workers.

Simultaneously, the American Corporations should realign their goals to provide the American population with goods that are of high quality.

I am against outsourcing because it is detrimental to a majority of the people involved and it benefits those that are already of high status.


Abortion is the medical termination of a pregnancy. It is an important way to remedy a mistake and save a life. People that are not ready to have children should not be having children. For me the abortion debate should be non-existent.

There is absolutely no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy. This is the result of a society that has created a paradigm of unrealistic expectations. It is infinitely better to educate a population about the benefits of birth control than to chastise it for terminating pregnancies or to subject truly innocent lives to what will initially be a difficult existence.

Pregnancy is not a punishment from God for sinning. Pregnancy is not something to joke about. I advocate abortion as a last resort to save a life. That life may be of a mother or of a child.

It is important to educate people about sexual activity and avoid the whole situation of abortion altogether.

7 Pearls of Wisdom for Stress Management

  1. Surround yourself with people that trust and support you. Engage in active communication with those people and share your concerns and beliefs.
  2. Regularly practice meditation techniques that can free up your mind and allow you to approach the world rationally.
  3. Get plenty of sleep to rest your body.
  4. Practice good time management techniques to effectively deal with looming deadlines.
  5. Take time at least once a week to engage actively with another person.
  6. Evaluate your life on a regular basis.
  7. If you realign your actions to fit your goals you can save yourself plenty of stress by not working on things that aren't important.

Yahoo! Answers - dangerous

I am a somewhat regular participant on Yahoo! Answers and I've come to this conclusion. It is a powerful tool for spam and misinformation.

I'll usually do my best to answer a question objectively and to the best of my ability. As an example this question was asked:

What is the fastest and effective exercise that helps you get rid of fat in your belly?
I just want to know if there is a good exercise that will make you get rid of fat in your belly, besides running.

I referred to Leonard Fitness.com and answered:

Everyone actually has a good set of abs. It's just a matter of removing the fat and sculpting them. To remove bodyfat, consider one or more of the following: exercise regularly, reduce calories or meal size, increase meal frequency, reduce sodium, and drink low-calorie beverages. In addition, a combination of both strength and cardiovascular training will help tremendously.

Thankfully, my response was chosen as the best answer. Another answer suggested that the person pray for Jesus to remove the body fat and sculpt the abs.

Are you serious?

People don't even need to work out anymore. They just need to pray that Jesus will somehow give them legendary abs of steel. Don't fall for the hype. Take some responsibility and achieve your objectives on your own. Stop relying on the scourge of religion. The human race deserves better.