Managing Your Weight

Overweight, obesity, and weight-related problems appear to be on the rise in the United States. Obesity is now defined in terms of fat content rather than in terms of weight alone.

There are many different methods of assessing body fat. Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the most commonly accepted measures of weight based on height. Body fat percentages more accurately indicate how fat or lean a person is.

Many factors contribute to one’s risk for obesity, including, genetics, setpoint, endocrine influences, psychosocial factors, eating cues, lack of awareness, metabolic changes, lifestyle, and gender. Women often have considerably more difficulty losing weight.

Exercise, dieting, diet pills, and other strategies are used to maintain or lose weight. However, sensible eating behavior and adequate exercise offer the best options.

Eating disorders consist of sever disturbances in eating behaviors, unhealthy efforts to control body weight, and abnormal attitudes about body shape. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are the three main disorders. Though prevalent among white women of upper– and middle-class families, eating disorders affect women of all backgrounds as sell as a number of men.

Source: Health. The Basics. Sixth Edition by Rebecca J. Donatelle. 2005


Dream Act

For those of you who wanted more inforamtion on the Dream Act status!
Monday, September 17, 2007

Today, Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) will introduce the DREAM Act as an amendment to H.R. 1585, the Department of Defense authorization bill, which returns to the Senate floor for debate this morning. You may remember that the Department of Defense authorization bill was debated in mid-July but was pulled for reasons unrelated to the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act would provide a 6-year path to permanent residence and eventual citizenship for individuals brought to the U.S. years ago as undocumented children if they graduate from high school and continue on to college or military service.This may be the best chance this year for the DREAM Act to become law (although most likely it will not be the last opportunity).

If the amendment passes, the DREAM Act would stand an excellent chance of becoming law this year. The amendment will need 60 votes to pass.We do not yet know when the vote will be, and it is possible that procedural obstacles could prevent one from occurring at all. But regardless, it is imperative for all DREAM Act supporters to call your Senators and click here to send an e-mail message to them today, and again tomorrow, and again every day until the vote occurs. You can find your Senators' phone numbers here.

This time, even more than the last time the amendment was set for consideration, anti-immigrant groups have come out swinging by spreading falsehoods about the DREAM Act in an attempt to inflame their base to intimidate Senators like they did in the Senate debate about immigration reform. But DREAM Act supporters are passionate too. We can and must fight back and match their intensity.


Your Senators' phone numbers are online at:http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

To send an e-mail message to your Senators please go to:http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/NILC/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=12129

What else you can do:
Forward this message to every listserv and everyone you knowPost it on blogs, MySpace, Facebook, or other on-line networking toolsCall in to C-SPAN or other radio or television shows where there is some hope of a sympathetic audience (not anti-immigrant propaganda sites)

The DREAM Act in Brief:
The DREAM Act is narrowly tailored
It would apply only to individuals brought to the U.S. at least 5 years ago as children, who have grown up here, and who have remained in school and out of trouble. They could get a green card 6 years after graduating from high school if during that time they continue on to college or serve in the military.

The DREAM Act is not a "mini-amnesty"
At its core, amnesty is forgiveness for wrongdoing. That does not apply to DREAM Act students who were all brought here years ago as children. The DREAM Act rewards them for staying in school or serving our country.

The DREAM Act would benefit taxpayers
The DREAM Act would provide hope to immigrant students and lead many more of them to remain in school. As an example of the fiscal benefits of this, a RAND study showed that a 30-year-old Mexican immigrant woman who graduates from college will pay $5,300 more in taxes and cost $3,900 less in government expenses each year than if she had dropped out of high school. This amounts to an annual fiscal benefit of over $9,000 per person every year, money that can be used to pay for the education of other children. State and local taxpayers have already invested in the education of these children in elementary and secondary school and deserve to get a return on their investment


US Strategy to leave every child behind

No child will be left behind. We must educate them all.

Alternatively we can just deport them.

Virginia Gutierrez was aspiring to become a college student at Arizona State University this fall but unfortunately she got deported back to Nogales Mexico a few weeks ago.

Obviously she should be back in her home country right?


Her home country is the United States! She pays taxes in Arizona! She is a tremendous student and now has a far slimmer chance at anything resembling a future because of Amerikans' arrogance and ethnocentrism.

She received a citation for driving with her headlights off and having a busted taillight. Once the officer discovered she didn't have a driver's license on her the police impounded her vehicle. When she tried to retrieve it she was arrested for having a "fake" Mexican ID. Once they realized that she had no Social Security Number they convinced her to sign for a voluntary deportation.

And once back in Mexico she was reunited with...

Um no. Not exactly. According to a secondhand report I saw she was dropped off on a street corner. Since when is it ok to transport a young person away from her family without any money. This really ticks me off but there is something you can do:

In mid-August, Virginia Gutierrez, an honors graduate from North High School, was arrested, detained and then deported because of her immigration status. While in custody, Virginia was subjected to inhumane treatment, without any legal representation.

Virginia was literally dropped off on a street corner in Nogales, without any concern for her well being.

Virginia was awarded numerous scholarships to attend ASU. She looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to our community.

Join us as we call on our community leaders to both bring Virginia home and hold a community forum on immigration policy. Cases of inhumane treatment such as Virginia’s MUST become a thing of the past.

Wednesday, September 5, 445 pm, State Capitol (17th. Ave/Washington)

For more info, contact:

Reverend Brad Wishon
Gentle Shepherd Metropolitan Community Church
2604 North 14th Street (16th Street and Virginia)
623-570-6166 (Cell) / 602-864-6404 (Office)
Email: revwishon@aol.com

To invade or not invade, that is the question.

Chris Hedges writes about what would happen should the United States act on it's plan to strike 1200 Iranian targets over a period of three days.

Iranian missiles will be launched at US and Israeli military installations in the Middle East.
Oil will be in short supply because it will become more difficult to ship it.
Hezbollah will launch rockets into Israel.
Israel will raid Lebanon and Iran.
Unpopular Pakistani President and US ally will probably be overthrown.

That sure wouldn't have worked out huh.

Iran: The Next Quagmire

Finally, a journalist worth his weight

It's about time that I come across someone's writing that puts forth a legitimate argument supporting the obvious that the official report for the incident in the United States on a Tuesday morning in September back in 2001 leaves out quite a bit of what really happened.

Their story doesn't add up and Robert Fisk calls them on it:

Questioning 9/11 ... With Caution