Benazir Bhutto - "Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered, Osama Bin Laden"

update on Saturday, Apr 17, 2010: More information about how her death was preventable here: http://www.hindu.com/2010/04/17/stories/2010041756041600.htm

According to a YouTube video posted by AlJazeeraEnglish on November 3, 2007, former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, stated in an interview that Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden.  It occurs at 6:10 into the video.  It's interesting to note that during the interview she was not corrected by the journalist.  According to the US Government Bin Laden is still alive.  I say this because Bin Laden is still on the FBI's Top Ten Wanted List.  Obviously there is an error somewhere.  Either Bhutto made a mistake in her statement and the media that published the video didn't notice or Bin Laden is dead and Bhutto was killed to silence her.  Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between.


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2 posts in one!!!

First, here is further commentary on my previous post:
Today the Arizona State University State Press reported about a recent sexual assault. The reporter wrote about the crime in the passive voice.

"ASU police are investigating a sexual assault on a female ASU student that occurred on Alpha Drive early Sunday morning..."

This portrayal of the events takes the pressure off of the suspect. That opening sentence should have looked like this:

"ASU police are investigating a sexual assault, in which a male sexually assaulted a female ASU student."

Notice the change. This is a more honest portrayal of the crime but the reporter and editor failed to write it this way. Unfortunately the media often reports male on female sexual assaults in the passive voice.

For the original article go here.
For "my" edited article go here.
To write the state press to say they need to improve the way they report sexual assaults click here.

Second, on Saturday I went to the Arizona State University & Arizona football game.  Unfortunately I allowed myself to be a bystander.  I just stood there, doing nothing, while some guys were harassing some girls.  This was happening not more than 10 feet away.  I could see it clear as day but I just stood there and let it happen.  

How can I claim to be a champion of the oppressed if I remain silent?  Lesson is to never just be a bystander.  Take action.  I think about numerous times where I've failed to take action and they really gnaw away at my self respect, as if I'm shaming myself.

Male sexually assaults ASU student on Alpha Drive

Police don't think suspect affiliated with Greek Life
Originally by Matt Culbertson, edited by Rare Hero
published on Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ASU police are investigating a sexual assault, in which a male sexually assaulted a female ASU student. This occurred on Alpha Drive early Sunday morning — the third such investigation on fraternity row since September.

Police don't think the suspect is an ASU student, said Cmdr. Jim Hardina, an ASU police spokesman.

The suspect, described as a white male in his early 20s, met the victim, at a fraternity party on Alpha Drive after the ASU football game Saturday, Hardina said.

"This is an acquaintance rape that we're investigating," he said.

Police don't know if the suspect is involved with a fraternity, Hardina added.

Interfraternity Council President Davey Breitman said Alpha Drive saw "usual football game traffic" Saturday night.

"I absolutely want to see the individuals responsible for the sexual assault apprehended for what they did," said Breitman, a journalism and finance junior.

At a private IFC meeting Monday, fraternity presidents and delegates were told to talk to police about anything that would help the investigation, Breitman said.

Police told Alpha Drive fraternities that the suspect was not a fraternity member, he said.

"At this point, as far as we have heard and as far as what has been said, this (suspect) has no affiliation with Greek life," Breitman said. "It's just unfortunate that the sexual assault occurred near Greek facilities."

The Greek Community at ASU has seen bad publicity because of sexual assault allegations occurring on Alpha Drive, Breitman said.

In September, ASU police launched investigations into two separate allegations of sexual assault on Alpha Drive, both involving ASU fraternity members.

An investigation into an alleged assault on Sept. 14 involving the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity on Alpha Drive was closed two weeks later, and no one was charged.

"We weren't able to prove what happened one way or another," Hardina said in an Oct. 2 State Press article.

In the alleged incident, a Delta Sigma Phi fraternity member was suspected of assaulting an 18-year-old female ASU student.

A second investigation into a Sept. 18 sexual assault involving the on-campus Sigma Nu fraternity is still ongoing, but will likely be dropped, Hardina said in an Oct. 26 State Press article.

The case, involving a Sigma Nu fraternity member, will be resolved when blood tests show whether or not the victim of the alleged assault had date-rape drugs in her system, Hardina said.

"I doubt the blood will come back with anything other than alcohol," Hardina said.

Results from the test could take months, but ASU police have no evidence that an assault took place, Hardina said.

Breitman said any individual would take offense to the alleged sexual assault on Sunday.

"At this point we just want to see vindication for the victim," Breitman said.

I edited this because the article was written in a passive voice that focuses on the victim of the crime, not on the perpetrator. You can find the original article here: ASU student sexually assaulted on Alpha Drive