Americans for Decency

I have a problem with Americans for Decency. I have a problem with some of the things they do. Please note the bolded items in their mission statement:
A for D is an alliance of concerned citizens including civic, business, religious, health care, and educational organizations. Our goal is to significantly reduce sexual violence and victimization of children, women, men and families. We seek to accomplish this by educating how to have good families, by educating about the danger and harm of pornography, by providing a home for victims of abuse; by mobilizing concerned citizens to action, by working cooperatively with justice officials to enforce obscenity/child protection laws, and by giving assistance to victims.

I highlighted those words because they imply the Christian ideal of a family; man + woman + children = family. This is of concern because they force their religious views on their community. As an example here is the latest info for their state/national page:
  • HB2002 Employment Discrimination. This bill which seeks to add the words “Gender, Gender Identity or Expression, and Sexual Orientation” as illegal in hiring would make not only homosexuals but those who want to express themselves as another gender acceptable. Once allowed they can apply for special government funding.
  • SB1102 Parental Consent Abortion This bill seeks to obtain parental consent to receive abortions.
  • College students in Utah got offended by the Gold's Gym TV network and petitioned the Gold's Gym management (which has no control over the content of the music video put out by the company) to change the videos to G or PG rated.
  • Protesting a Planned Parenthood commercial aired on MTV & VH-1 because the commercial was "selling sex to kids".
My comments:
  • The first Arizona House Bill would protect people from being discriminated upon, this is after all an allegedly equal country.
  • The second House Bill would create another barrier to safe abortions. Forcing children to go through what may be neo-conservative Christian parents would be a big obstacle to personal health and well being.
  • The third item is just silly. Really it is.
  • The fourth is also silly because Planned Parenthood does good work and their would be less abortions and less unplanned pregnancies if more people listened to Planned Parenthood.
They have even attacked and tried to shut down a modest and currently inactive blog: SEX
Unfortunately we may never be rid of these neo-conservative Christians claiming that everything they do is for the love of god. Pity.
Religion does ruin everything.

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