Argument: Allowing foreign nationals serve in the military to gain US citizenship

What better way to justify an illegitimate invasion, war, and occupation than to send in someone else to do the dirty work?

For all you anti-immigration people pay attention.
There are several instances of children being raised in the United States, just like any other US citizen, whose parents work-consequently paying taxes into a system which they cannot personally benefit from, and who are being denied the full opportunity to participate in their society. What kind of human being can justify denying another human being the opportunity to pursue a college education or to work?

Are not these two goals part of the alleged Amerikan dream. Why deny this to someone based on their citizenship status? It is clearly obvious where the person lives, where the person works, where the person has built a social support network. It is most clearly obvious that this child, that this human being lives in the United States. It should be obvious that a person living in Arizona for 6, 9, or 18 years be given the opportunity to go to college just like anyone else that has lived in Arizona for that same time period.

There is one thing that I can agree with you on. The immigration policy in the United States must be revised so that it is efficient and so that it promotes the welfare of our communities.

The DREAM Act wants to make it possible for minors to gain citizenship by serving in the military or by going to college. I am strongly opposed to this legislation because although it has the potential to allow several talented young people the opportunity to go to school it also allows the Amerikan war machine another batch of young impressionable soldiers to carry out more wanton violence and destruction.

After all, it would be easier to have your constituents agree to a war if they knew their own friends or children would not have to fight. It would certainly be easy for some people to merely say, "Let those Mexicans take care of it. They want to be in this country, let them earn their freedom."

Freedom is not earned by fighting another person's fight.

Freedom is earned by birth.

Freedom is earned, simply by being alive.