Improve US education system

Segregation in US public schools is a problem, especially in the North Eastern states and especially in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois. This disparity results in educational barriers for some students and opens doors for others.

Here is the solution:

The best way to desegregate public schools is to redistribute school funding on a per pupil basis. The government should redistribute funding in such a way that each student receives funding no more than two standard deviations away from the national mean. In 2005 the national average was $8973. (I don't have the data to find the standard deviation or else I would have provided it.)

In this redistribution of funds, schools with larger student populations will receive more money than schools with smaller student populations. This makes sense because larger schools need more money to maintain and improve educational standards. This will allow for all children to have improved access to educational resources.

This is a solution to public school segregation. Segregation seems to be more an issue of inadequate resources than an issue of ethnic groupings. This theory is purely economical and ignores any issue of ethnic background. (I do not believe in the concept of "race". The American Anthropological Association has stated that there is more genetic variance within alleged "races" than between them.)

Two standard deviations, although chosen somewhat arbitrarily, allows for economic regional differences. Areas with a more expensive cost of living will need more money to educate their children than areas with a less expensive cost of living.

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