Parents, Combat Saavy Marketing

It must be difficult for parents to have to say no to their children. Especially if it is a specific brand of product that child somehow wants.

Get Rich Slowly has a terrific and very useful post about how to deal with the invasive marketing strategies that companies use to gain a foothold in our homes, and our $ accounts.

"every time we noticed that a commercial or a print ad caught their attention, we asked them if they thought the product really did what the commercial claimed. This introduced the idea that sometimes people say things that aren't true and that it was okay for them to question what they saw and heard. It also taught the boys that what they think is important and valuable.

At the same time, we explained to them how companies need money to pay their workers and themselves, and how those companies try to convince others to buy their products in order to make money. Slowly, we began to see a change in their behavior. "

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