Free Annual Credit Report

The US government allows you to order your credit report, for free, once a year. Here is how you do it.
  • Go to: https://www.annualcreditreport.com
  • Fill out form, and be sure to check the box indicating that your Social Security Number is not to revealed on the report.
  • Select ONE of the three credit reporting bureaus. This takes you to that bureaus website
  • Follow the steps:
  • Step 1 is a Personal Information Check. You may be offered a special deal to include your credit score. This isn't necessary. Select the option to continue without ordering the credit score. We want this to remain a free credit report.
  • Step 2 is an order summary. Again, this should be FREE. Ensure that it is. If it is not be sure to go back and and do not select any extra options. Once all is FREE, or the total is $0.00, Submit.
  • Step 3 is the Order Confirmation. At this point you can view and print your report. I strongly recommend printing it, especially since your social security number does not appear on it.
  • Now you can review your credit report. Be sure to check it for any inaccuracies, open accounts that were not opened by you, alleged delinquent accounts, etc.
Now that you've gotten your free annual credit report you can wait four months to get another.

The US government mandates that you may order one free credit report from each credit reporting bureau each year. You could order a report from each bureau all at once, OR you could be wise about it and spread them out over a year - one every four months. In this way, you will always be relatively current.