Cut your cell phone bill in half!

Cut your cell phone bill in half!

...or by a third, or maybe just a fourth. In any case save some money by following any one of these suggestions:
  • Text messaging can be expensive. If you text too much opt for a plan that allows you unlimited text messaging or at least gives you some cushion. People text me like crazy so I'm forced to buy T-Mobile's 400 text message package. It saves me money. I tried canceling my text message service but they couldn't do that for me claiming its the primary method of contacting me.
  • Talking can be expensive. If many of the people you regularly talk to are on a specific network its time to make the switch to their side. Most (ATT, Alltel, Sprint, & Verizon) of the major service providers have mobile-to-mobile features aka in-network perks that allows you to talk to your fellow customers for free.
  • Myrateplan.com allows you to pick the perfect plan for yourself. This free web service will ask you for your zip code and whether you want to do a single-line, family-plan, or pay-as-you-go. In less than five minutes it will suggest different plans from different companies that have the features you want.
  • Pick a plan that has just enough minutes to hold you over each month without going over. Those overage charges tend to be pretty expensive.
  • Stay away from ordering your horoscope, wallpaper, etc from third party parties. Many of these companies continue to bill you each month.
  • Cancel or just don't sign up for those extra services. Do you really need to pay $7 a month more to insure your phone? Do you really need to pay $3 for that emergency road side assistance? Call a friend instead.
  • Dispute any and all inaccuracies. Check your bill each month.
  • Report lost or stolen phones, immediately!
  • Don't pay for 411. Use GOOG-411 instead. Dial 1 800 466 4411 and get all the information you could ever want, for free. You can even send a text message to GOOGLE (466453) - text help to 466453 for more information about using Google's free 411 service.
  • Unless you really use the internet on your phone, cancel it.
  • Ever thought about a prepaid plan?
That is my advice. Take it.

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