The Simple To Do Home Manicure

101Lifestyle.com has a good page on how to do your own manicure. Try it out for yourself.

A Simple To Do-Home Manicure:
Things You Require:
For your manicure, take a small bowl of warm, soapy water.A small hand towel, a nail file, cotton wool, coconut oil for moisturizing, nail polish remover, and polish.It is much nicer to prefer pink and pearlised shades, for the daytime.Nail polish is best applied before you go to bed so that you do not have to worry about badly kept nails in the morning.Purple, violet and other dark shades, are a bit too extreme for formal dressing, but if you find that they suit your personality, as a lady with a mind of her own, please go ahead! After all, individual tastes, differ.
Manicure Steps:
A.First, remove your older nail polish and then file your nails.Long nails are best suited to people with long slim fingers, and if you have short, sturdy singers, please make sure that your nails are shaped to an oval, and not more than 1/16 th of an inch past the fingertip.
B.Next, soak your hands in the soapy water, for 2 minutes.Press back the cuticles, very gently with your towel.They are very delicate, and need moisturizing.To remove any soap deposit, wipe your nails again with nail polish remover.
C.Apply a base coat, beginning with the thumb.Base coats are normally transparent nail polishes, which are either strengtheners, or just present to stop the chemical products of the nail polish, to yellow your nails.
D.After it has dried, apply nail polish.Use only 2 light coats, allowing the first to dry completely before applying the second.
E.Finally, when the polish is completely dry, massage the coconut oil/ Almond oil/ olive oil into your hands up to the wrist.
A manicure once a week keeps your hands feeling good.As it is always preferable to use natural products, rather than expensive creams and moisturizers, go back to nature and every night, use a bit of milk cream, or milk as a natural moisturizer.A little bit of salt added to it will bleach your hands beautifully.

If you have to use your hands for washing up, gardening, or any work which needs hand care, it is always best to use hand gloves.And if you think that it is too tiresome, what is to stop you from oiling your hands too well, with coconut oil, or milk, and then washing up? For gardening, always make sure that little soap pieces are placed under your nails, so that dirt does not get caught between fingertips and nails.

Remember that very hot and very cold water is disastrous for hands.Make sure, the water is at room temperature.In the winters, it is always preferable to wash your face and hands in cold water, to keep the naturally moisturizing oil in, but make sure, you apply some oil after a wash.

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