What makes a good relationship?

Good relationships are important for people everywhere. Relationships with other people allow us to experience new things without great fear of being hurt because of the support system our friends provide us.

The foundations of a good relationship are as follows:
  • mutual respect and understanding This is perhaps the most important aspect of a relationship. It is crucial to respect their beliefs, opinions, and goals. It is good to achieve an understanding of their beliefs, opinions, and goals so that you can empathize with their everyday situations. I would imagine it is impossible to completely understand another person but you should always strive to do the best you can.
  • great communication I cannot stress how important it is to effectively communicate with other people and to say what you mean and to follow up on those words with supportive action. If you feel a certain way you should say it. Be honest with your words and actions from the beginning and any friendship you have will be much improved. Don't hold anything back but don't be hurtful. If you have mutual respect and understanding of the other person's needs you can communicate in a calm, assertive way that shouldn't hurt anyones feelings.
Committing yourself to effectively practicing these two things will greatly improve any relationship you have. Good luck and live well.

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