LAPD assault on immigration rally; revisited

During an immigration rally in 2007, Los Angeles Police (LAPD) assault several demonstrators. I posted YouTube videos of the assault a few days after the brutality but since then many of those videos have been removed.

It must be forbidden for the public to learn that police can have a very side to them. Well, I searched around and found few videos of the brutality. None of which, carried the emotional weight that any of the original videos showed, save for one. Here are some suggested articles, followed by the video (note: this is the same video that I've already posted here):

US: Los Angeles police violently disperse immigrant rights demonstration

Los Angeles Punishes Police Official Over Clash at Demonstration

Officers in melee to face censure

LAPD Officer: May Day Mistakes Won't Be Repeated

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a little rascal said...

LAPDisCorrupted.com, or

i have been arrested,tortured,threatened,jailed so many times, over last one, since i filed a complaint against LAPD,korean cops who were moonlighting as korean mafia team, in Korean town of Los angeles.
LAPD put me on 24x7 chase, and constantly threatened my apt managers(more than 4-5 different locations) to fabricate a crime upon me.
Finally, on 6.17.08 LAPD(officer Lee, korean cop, from Hollywood station, who cited he was acting in retaliatory to my complaint against Sgt Hwang who committed a serious misconduct to threaten my landlady at 347s.kingsley drive,followed by Lapd OFFICER KIM(Wilshire station)'s threat on my landlady(Sun choi).
12.19.07: eviction court
12.20.07: LAPD/korean mafia team broke my door down(by the same team who invaded my apt at 702s.crenshaw blvd). this time, they accompanied by 702s.crenshaw's owner(my former landlord) who broke my apt door down with a korean mafia(who were on meth)along with LAPD(officer kim from wilshire station) standing by.
I tried to call 911, but a young korean gangster broke my cell phone.....Mr.Bratton is not releasing/arresting the involved parties/LAPD as of today.
Mr.Bratton's deadline is 8.15.08(since it happpend 8.16.07, Police Chief has one year to come up with the intelligent excuse on the crimes that LAPD obviously committed, along with korean mafia teams. FBI-La is investigating, as well as Ca DOJ/US DOJ...


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