Own your name on the internet

Thanks to up and coming really successful people like Kelly Sutton and AJ Vaynerchuk I decided to buy my name's domain name.

A few months later I've hit #2 in a Google Search for my true name. I almost OWN my name on the internet.

Here is what these young experts recommend:
AJ Vaynerchuk
Twitter accounts will soon be like (but not on the same level) domain names. Your name is your personal brand, and if you do not own the Twitter handle for your full name you are setting yourself up for a fall, just as if you did not own your full name dot com.

Kelly Sutton
One of the best ways to control your first-page Google hits is to register a domain name under your own name.

Follow this advice and you'll never have to fear being turned down for a job because your would be future employer's internet search turned up some questionable material.

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