Yes, I would like to hear about Mother God.

Just the other day I was walking around outside, mentally preparing for a 105 degree jog. When two young men approached me. They were happy individuals, each with his own messenger bag. From a distance they yelled, "Hello! How are you?!". I replied, "Doing good. How are you living?"

They rushed closer, eyes teeming with enthusiasm. Once they were in range, they politely asked me "Have you ever heard of the mother god?"

"No. That is a first." I responded.

A shimmer of achievement rushed out of their faces, as they began speaking with me, attempting to convert me. These were no ordinary wayward souls, these two were missionaries. They very people I have learned to despise for their wanton acts of cultural genocide (see Catholic missionaries attempting to convert savages into good Christian men and women).

These young men represented my local World Mission Society Church of God. They were well trained biblical soldiers, armed with their trusty New International Version Bible (who knows what happened to the favored King James Version). Their books were conveniently highlighted and they were ready to jump from passage to passage conjuring a most impressive story. However, I was not impressed. The Bible is anything but a reliable source. Especially when attempting to prove the existence of my pathetic soul.

They explained to me the fundamentals of their beliefs and I listened. For twenty hellishly hot minutes (due to the weather) I politely answered their questions. I shall not be the one to give atheists a bad name.

What did I learn?
Essentially it is the same story but with a new twist. Allow me to summarize:
People on planet earth are actually angels. Angels that have fallen out of god's good graces. We are all angels that are serving time on prison earth. This is the reason life is so hellish. Each person that has ever existed on this planet, is nothing but a prisoner, serving time for past angelic crimes. It is through Jesus' salvation that we can be saved and returned to heaven.

But thats not all:
The Bible speaks of a mother god, god the mother, New Israel. New Israel is a physical location, marked by the presence of the mother god, in modern day Korea.


God in female or feminine form is in Korea. Now. Waiting for us to do something?

Yes. She is waiting for us to get our stamp of approval, or otherwise known as the 'Seal of god'. Once we or enough of us have the stamp of approval we can be returned to our rightful place as angels in a heaven we know nothing about.

I don't know what makes this world so hellish for those two young missionaries but I would much rather spend a lifetime on this planet, serving humanity, than an eternity serving a false god.

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