15 Ways to Make More Breast Milk

15 Ways to Make More Breast Milk

  1. Breastfeed or pump more frequently- 10-12 times a day. The best way to make more milk is to empty the breasts more often.

  2. Nurse your baby at the earliest signs of hunger - small movements after deep sleep, stretching, bringing hands to face, turning head to search.

  3. Make sure your baby is positioned well - his mouth should be wide open with the tip of your nipple in the back of his throat, he should be facing you (chest to chest), and his chin should be buried in your breast.

  4. Let your baby end the feeding by letting go of the breast or falling asleep. Then, burp him and offer the other breast.

  5. Massage your breasts towards your nipple while your baby is nursing to stimulate a milk let down.

  6. Avoid pacifiers, formula, and water bottles. All of your baby's sucking should be at your breast.

  7. Most babies like to nurse more frequently at a specific time of the day. Nurse as often as possible during this period.

  8. Offer both breasts at each feeding. If your baby still seems hungry, offer both breasts again.

  9. Wake your baby to nurse if he sleeps longer than 4 hours.

  10. Get plenty of skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Place your baby, dressed only in a diaper, between your bare breasts or against his father's bare chest. This encourages a sleepy baby to wake and search for the breast.

  11. Sleep close to your baby - either in the same bed or same room. If you are uncomfortable with your baby in the same bed, keep his crib or bassinet next to your bed.

  12. Pump after you breastfeed. Even if you don't get any milk, you'll be causing your body to make more. You may only get drops if you pump in the first few days.

  13. Take your baby with you and nurse everywhere. Many state laws say you have the right to breastfeed in public.

  14. Take care of yourself. Sleep when your baby sleeps and make easy meals -such as soup or sandwiches.

  15. Don't delay in asking for help if you need it. Call WIC, La Leche League, a lactation consultant, nurse, or the hospital.

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