The apology

I just got this email from a dear friend, read and be sorrowful. Or not.

It seems like it has been forever since I've seen your eyes and touched your skin.
If only there were something to take away my sin.
You were the light in my darkness.
Now I am in distress, if I may confess,
That you were my only source of love
I could list your qualities but their wouldn't be enough time to finish reading it.
This is perhaps only a fraction of what I like about you,
loving, caring, compassionate, inquisitive, curious, fun, romantic, humorous, honest, emotional
Pushing you was the mistake.
This is the apology.
I lie here awake.
Wishing to be a part of your mythology.
Know that you've improved my life and raised my spirit.
Without you I may never have come to realize my strengths, and my many weaknesses.
I despair in thinking to never see or hear from you again.
Know that I wish what I've done to you, by pushing you away, could be undone so that we could have had the greatest relationship ever known to have been on the planet.
Perhaps a wedding in Vegas, married by Elvis.
Or a sustainable farm somewhere in the perfect grassy place.
Alas, all those hopes and dreams are for not.
I have squandered such an opportunity. What an opportunity it could have been.
If you can't, then it is this apology that you should embrace.

Nearly brings a tear to my eye. Nearly. Obviously the lesson to be learned from this nearly heartbreaking story is to be honest at all times. Live well, be well, and love everyone. Especially the people that love you back and deserve it. Squander nothing.

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