Have fun with eating

The book Healthy Snacks for Kids by Penny Warner has some useful information and nutritious recipes for even the pickiest of eaters. Be sure to check it out at your local library. But in the mean time read the following excerpt:

Have fun with eating
  • Try new things early. You'd be amazed: many two and three year olds
    really enjoy avocados, seaweed, hummus (experiment: some brands may be too garlicky for younger children) and pita bread, soybeans (also known as
    edamame), rice milk, soy milk, and other healthy, nutritious snack foods. You may even find that they are more open minded than your are, and will cause you to try new foods. And if you start them early, it's much easier to keep going on the right path.
  • Make toast faces: spread toast with yogurt cheese or peanut butter, and use nuts, raisins, coconut, dried fruit bits or pieces of vegetables to make faces.
  • If your vhild carries a lunch box, tuck in a surprise: a new pencil, a cheerful not, a fancy straw. Use your imagination.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut out bread for fanciful sandwiches
  • Splurge on some bright paper products; colorful cartons, straws and napkins dress up a meal or a snack
  • Add pleasant music to mealtime or snack time. Discourage television viewing while children are eating.
  • Stuff sandwich fillings into different edible holders. Bell peppers, cored apples, ice cream cones, waffle squares, cooked giant pasta shells, pancakes, hollow tomatoes and hollowed dinner rolls are all fun choices.
  • Make cottage cheese or yogurt "sundaes" in a cantaloupe or honeydew melon halves. Top with granola and a cherry.
  • Make "boats" out of raw snow pea pods and fill with sandwich fillings. Make "sails" out of green bell pepper pieces.

Cheesy Popovers
    2 eggs
    1 cup milk
    1 cup flour
    1/3 cup finely grated cheddar cheese

Beat eggs and milk until well blended. Add flour and cheese, and beat until smooth. Pour into 8 greased, preheated muffin tins and bake at 425° for 45
minutes. Makes 8.

nutritional information per serving
107 calories
5.2g protein (19% of calories from protein)
13.5g carbohydrates (50% of calories from carbohydrates)
3.4g fat
31 calories from fat (29% of calories from fat)

edit:The previous recipe came out bad. Try it at your own risk and if you do please let me know how it came out. More info here.

edit:My friend suggested that the muffins be baked at 325° and checked at 20 minutes. Good luck.

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