Improve the world: by shaving

The following link will show you how to improve the environment by changing the way you shave. Switching to a safety razor, or other similar device, can reduce your environmental impact.

First, buying those ridiculously priced shaving cartridges is wasteful. Consider the packaging, the plastic container, and the cartridges themselves. Alternatively the safety razor only needs to have the blade replaced. Cheaper and more efficient.

Second, think about the lubricant you use to shave. Those cans or creams must have a negative environmental impact right? Try the alternative wet shave and use a soap or a cream.

Since reading the following article I have purchased a safety razor set (Merkur) from Amazon.com and a shave cream from the Body Shop. I am most pleased with my purchase. You'll have to remember that shaving with a safety razor takes time, practice and patience. Those things may be called safety razors but go willy nilly with them and say good night.

Finally, read the article and do your part.

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Jenny said...

I would like to express my anger at your safety razor. It did not help the environment, nor did it help my red blood count when it angrily sliced open my thumb. All I wanted to do was understand it better, and how does it thank me? By robbing me of a pint of my precious blood and cutting down to the hypodermis.

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