Keep Baby's Food Safe

Keeping Baby's Food Safe

Keep your baby's food safe! If you use baby food in jars, spoon small portions of food from the jar into a clean bowl. Do NOT feed your baby directly from the jar unless your baby will finish ALL the food in the jar. Feeding directly from the jar may transer bacteria from the baby's mouth to the jar.

Has your baby ever had a 24 hour flu? Often what seems like the flu may be a food borne illness, also called food poisoning. Food poisoning can occur when food is not handled safely. This can be especially danerous for your baby.

Here are some tips to keep baby's food safe:

  • After bottle feeding, throw out leftover breast milk or formula from the bottle.

  • When using baby food jars, spoon small portions of the food into a clean bowl. If your baby is still hungry, use a clean spoon to get more from the baby food jar.

  • Do NOT 'double dip'. Feeding your baby directly from the jar transfers bacteria from the baby's mouth to the jar. If your baby does not finish all the food in the jar, the leftover food will now have bacteria that may multiply. During the next feeding, your baby will be eating these bacteria and may become sick.

  • Store baby food jars that have been opened and home prepared baby foods in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

  • If you are not sure baby food is safe, remember the saying, 'If in doubt, throw it out.'

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