Reasons to not vote for McCain: Abortion

Abortion is one of those things that should never, ever be an issue. Primarily because of the availability of contraceptives, health education, and family planning.

I am sure you could find a bible verse to prove the point that life starts at the thought of having sex with another person but I'll save you time and say that life doesn't start until at least 20 weeks gestation. Granted that is an arbitrary amount of time but I don't feel like explaining my position on when life 'starts'.

So when President Bush proposes new abortion rules that limit a person's access to safe medical procedures I take notice. Thanks to Crooks and Liars I learned that the Republican political machine is gearing up for the presidential campaign by lighting a fire underneath their Religiously flamed followers. What better way to get out the vote than to bring abortion to the front page. You know those liberal Democrats are just aching to start aborting babies left and right. But they won't stop there, they'll start aborting babies after they're born.

Please. Be realistic. The solution to abortion is to provide adequate health education and contraceptive protection to everyone. Enough of this pointless squabbling crap.

Vote independent. Vote for Brian Moore.

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