What is the National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline

What is the National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline?

Hispanic consumers call from anywhere in the nation, and by providing their zip code to our bilingual health information specialists, can receive a referral to a culturally and linguistically proficient prenatal care provider in their community. A comprehensive bilingual prenatal guide "Atención prenatal temprana y periódica Guía para tener un bebé saludable (Early and Regular Prenatal Care Helping You Have a Health Baby)" is available to both consumers and providers. In addition numerous fact sheets are available on all aspects of prenatal care. Over 2000 kits have been distributed in the past year. Close to 4000 referrals to prenatal clinics that offer free or low cost prenatal care have been provided to Hispanic women in 2006.

Here is the number to call if you should require their services:

National Alliance for Hispanic Health
The National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline

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