A day at work

My day at work.

I work for WIC, Women, Infants, and Children and today was a day. I don't particular enjoy coming into contact with or holding children but it seems that for whatever reason, today was my day to do just that.

Early on, I had a one armed mother that needed me to pick the baby out of her sling and plop it onto the scale and measuring board to weigh and measure the baby, and to plop baby right back into the sling. Once done, I had to pack the baby right back in the sling.

I also had to place her older child on the scale.

My second instance was a little easier. I just had to hold the baby while it's mother stepped onto the scale. Easy enough.

My third instance was equally easy. I just had to hold the baby while mom signed for her WIC checks.

Again, I personally prefer not to come into contact with the children. Especially those that I am not responsible for, which at this point happens to be every child on this planet. I had gone my entire WIC career without having to hold a baby or child so you can imagine that today was a great shock to have 3 separate baby holding instances.

This just shows that you should always be prepared for anything.

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