How dangerous is religion?

How dangerous is religion?
Dangerous enough to start a brutal war.

We are not living in the end of days.
The Bible is most definitely NOT the word of god.
Jesus will NOT come back to lead armies against _______.

Some concepts from the video:
'Knowledge Explosion'
Thanks to the devious control of knowledge during the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church was able to suspend scientific advancement. A good 400 years of stagnation.
'Rebirth of Israel'
I guess that was when Israel was made into a country some 60 years ago.
'You've got to get through horrific times to get to one thousand years of peace.'
Assuming that peace comes after war is ignorant.
'Birth of Nuclear Warfare'
Nuclear war is mentioned in the bible, just like dinosaurs, other galaxies, and other cultures that were around.

John Hagee is a very dangerous person. He spreads fear and hate like an ever increasing tumor. If there is one thing we can learn from Star Wars is that fear and hate leads to suffering. He speaks of pending death and destruction. Our only guarantee of that is if people continue to follow him, death and destruction are surely probable.

If there is one thing you should know about John Hagee and Glenn Beck is that they are tools in an effort to manipulate us. We need to acknowledge their message. Once you logically think it over you will see that they make no sense. Just be careful.

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