RIAA strikes again

Just got this via email:

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Take action:

* Call and email members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

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For the RIAA, it hasn't been enough to threaten or file lawsuits
against over 30,000 individuals. First they have started going after
people who speak out against them, like DBD supporter and attorney Ray
Beckerman. Now they are trying to push through the Senate, with the
help of the MPAA, a treacherous bill with the propaganda-laden title
of "Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008."

Enough is enough. Call and e-mail your senators as well as members of
the Senate Judiciary Committee telling them to oppose this bill! It's
critical that we do this as soon as possible -- they are trying to
have it passed without a full vote in the Senate. More information on
this bill and how to contact your senators can be found on our blog at

In solidarity,

John, Josh, Matt, and Pete

Now that you've read that, you should take some action. Now would be a good time.

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