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Just received this via email:

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Round two:

* Call and email your senators, as well as Obama and McCain:

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In addition to all of the emails and phone calls they received from you,
Senator Leahy and friends received a stern rebuke from the Department of
Justice in response to their suggestion that the DoJ should be doing the RIAA
and MPAA's dirty work.

So, they've changed the bill -- but not enough. It still funds RIAA propaganda,
establishes several official government positions to enforce entertainment
industry interests, and commits Congress to the idea that preventing copyright
infringement is one of the most serious issues facing our society (seriously!).

If this bill passes, chances are that we'll see newfound legitimacy for Digital
Restrictions Management (DRM). Call and e-mail your senators today -- as well
as Obama and McCain -- to tell them that the changes made to the bill aren't
enough. More information can be found on our blog at

You can also vote for the story on reddit at:

In solidarity,

John, Josh, Matt, and Peter

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