What is Devil?

What is Devil?

Alternatively, I could ask WHO or WHAT is the devil?

The idea of a devil or a supreme force of evil is common throughout different cultures.
Here in Amerika the Devil is a somewhat important figure in day to day life. The Devil is a character in Christian and Muslim religion that is believed to be a powerful evil tempter of mankind. The word devil originates from slanderer or accuser.

People may put the concept of the Devil to use in social and political conflicts, claiming that their opponents are influenced by the Devil or even willingly supporting the Devil. The Devil has also been used to explain why others hold beliefs that are considered to be false and ungodly.

There are similar concepts of an evil force found in other religions. It would seem people have always had a need to personify unwanted beliefs or behaviors. It is unfortunate that people fear such silly nonexistent things.

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