What is an energy hog?

An energy hog is a ...

Well to use the word hog is perhaps a bit offensive to the pig species because those little critters are good eating.

Picture by noahg.

Anyway, an energy hog is a term used to describe a person or entity that uses up way more than their fair share of energy.

Energy is expensive but the real cost of electricity may be far greater than the cost you or I pay.

For starters you could:
  • Turn off everything not in use: Lights, TVs, computers, etc.

  • Check the furnace or air conditionar filter each month, and clean or replace it as needed. Dirty air filters block air flow through your heating and cooling systems, increasing your energy bill and shortening your equipment's life.

  • About 15 percent of an average home bill goes to heating water. To save hot water, take five minute showers instead of baths. Do only full loads when using the clothes washer or dishwasher. Use cold water for laundry and save upto $65 a year-detergents formulated for cold water get clothes just as clean.

Here are some links to help you out:

No and Low Cost Ways to Save Energy and Money

Saving Electricity: How to Save Electricity
This is by far the most informational resource you can read.

Lastly, Energy Hog

Now that you know, you can save money and extend the life of the planet.


Jenny said...

Would a person who leaves their lights on over 12 hours during the day when they are gone in order to appease small, caged, feathery creatures by definition an energy hog? Just wondering...

rarehero said...

I would recommend that the person use a small timer, that can be plugged into the electrical socket, to have the lights come on at a designated time. These are available at most stores for less than $20.

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