What is Gazelle.com?

Gazelle.com provides an opportunity for consumers to recycle their unused electronic gadgets. I just 'sold' my XBOX 360 to gazelle.com for $68.

Gazelle.com pays a small fee to each seller in exchange for an electronic gadget, in my case an XBOX 360. Once Gazelle.com receives the gadget they evaluate it and send a payment. Then Gazelle.com will either rejuvenate the gadget by deleting all personal information from the device or will responsibly recycle the useless gadget.

You can learn more about Gazelle.com by following this link.

update: 10 days after shipping my XBOX 360 to Gazelle.com it has been received. Now I've got to wait and see if they will stand by their $68 quote.

update: 20081001 - Gazelle.com has deposited $100 into my paypal account! That is $32 more than they originally had quoted! Awesome!

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