Hello my name is

In an effort to make myself more approachable I will wear a name badge sticker all day (excluding when I am at work because I already wear a name badge) every day for a trial period of four weeks. If successful I will continue to wear the stickers until I use up the entire package (100 days). If unsuccessful I will give someone else the stickers in the hope that they will try the experience.

If you think this is a new, exciting, and innovative way to introduce yourself to your world, think not. It has already been done. A book has already been published chronicling one person's experience doing this. I merely wish to emulate the experience and duplicate the results.

The author discovered that this was a great way to become much more approachable.

Learn more about the guy behind the name badge.


Jenny said...

I learned more about the guy behind the badge. He writes business blogs. His suggestion is that name tags will make someone more approachable in a business setting.

However if you are doing a social experiment, that would be interesting to see if the same applies in meeting people on a personal level.

Wouldn't you need a control though? IE: Document how many interactions you have with people for a period of four weeks while not wearing a name tag so that you have something to compare your interactions with during the weeks you are wearing the badge.

rarehero said...

I appreciate the scientific advice, but I won't be following this one by the book. I'm only going to go by how I feel.

Like you hinted at, I won't be able to say with any certainty that this makes e approachable. I'm not going to be able to back up my results with data. For now, I'm okay with that.

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