What is Judicial Watch?

Judicial Watch claims to be a watchdog organization that exposes public corruption among other things.

Taking a look at their page

one can see what they care about: public corruption, illegal immigration, open records, security and prosperity partnership, and Gardasil (the HPV vaccine recently made available to young females).

Most of their public corruption targets are Democrat.
Their position on illegal immigration is that it is a drain on the economy and a threat to national security. This fails to address the source of the problem - North Amerikan economic policies which make it incredibly difficult for poor non-Amerikans / Canadian to find enough work to be able to feed their families.

The site also addresses alleged inconsistencies about the Merck & Co (MRK) product: Gardasil.

This site does do some good. They promote transparent government and are wary of the North Amerikan Union.

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