Support Breastfeeding!

Calling all parents: Support Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is an important thing to do. The following mostly discusses how the non breastfeeding parent can make it easier for their partner to breastfeed.

Why should partners encourage breastfeeding?
  • Research shows that breastfed babies have fewer colds and ear infections.

  • The nutrients in breastmilk help build the baby's brain and immune system.

  • Breastmilk is always the right temperature and ready to serve.

  • Breastfeeding builds a close bond between mother, father, and baby.

How can fathers be a part of the breastfeeding team?
    Here are some suggestions:
  • Help around the house. If there are other children, take care of them so mom can get some rest.

  • Take your baby to mom for breastfeeding. If mom needs something while she's breastfeeding, offer to get it for her.

  • Do things that will make mom feel good about herself:

    • Praise her for breastfeeding

    • Do something special for her

    • Be proud!

  • Make time for just you and your baby. Babies need cuddles and hugs from their dads, too.

  • When mom is breastfeeding, help her feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Your support can make mom feel more comfortable about breastfeeding, even in public.

    • When the baby gets hungry and needs to eat in public, mom can breastfeed without people noticing her.

    • Mom can use a blanket or a shawl to cover up while breastfeeding. People will think she's simply cuddling the baby.

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