What is the Birth to Five Helpline?

Offering Parenting Resources for Families with Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Birth to Five Helpline

The Birth to Five Helpline is open to all families with young children looking for the latest child development information from experts in the field. Professionals may also take advantage of this free service.

An extension of the successful Helpline is the Fussy Baby Program. The Fussy Baby Program is an affiliate of the Fussy Baby Network at Chicago's prestigious Erikson Institute, and expands the organization's Birth to Five Helpline. This program provides telephone and in some instances, home visiting support to help families navigate challenges associated with hard to soothe infants.

Staffed by early childhood development specialists, registered nurses, disabilities specialists, early literacy specialists, and mental health counselors, the Helpline provides access to the Fussy Baby Program as well as:

  • A toll-free number for all Arizona families with young children and parents-to-be

  • Professional telephone consultation

  • Individualized child development information

  • Home visitation services in some cases

Topics covered are wide-ranging and include:
  • Health and Nutrition

  • Child development

  • Language Development

  • Sleep

  • Discipline

  • Colic (inconsolable crying)

  • Getting ready for school

  • Early literacy

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