Breastfeeding Testimonials

Breastfeeding Testimonials

I was able to stay at home with my son for almost a whole year after he was born, but then I went back to school and work. I continued to breast feed my son during the times that we were together. Since I put him in daycare in Sep. 2003, he has only been sick once. Several of the other children in his class have been sick many times. He is now 18 months old and I still breast feed him once a day. I believe this is the reason he has been able to stay so healthy.


When my third son Colt was born I told my doctor that I would be ready to go back to work right away. WIC promotes breastfeeding and I could bring my baby with me to work, "Why stay home?" I was a working mom! We headed off to work together when Colt was a few weeks old. He and I never missed a day of work for those first 4 months we were together. Then Colt had to stay home though and I had my first "problem". He WOULD NOT take a bottle. The "problem" was solved though. Dad or "Mr. Mom "as I lovingly called him drove around town and the office area with Colt stopping by for visits every few hours throughout the day. This routine continued on until Colt was about a year old. I owe gratitude and appreciation to the WIC program for their support to my breastfeeding endeavors and to Mr. Mom for his patient driving abilities.

Kelly and Colton Carpenter

Maricopa County WIC Program

I recently became a new mom, and I wanted to exclusively breastfeed while working full time. I faced the obvious challenge of being away from my baby and having to work full time. Luckily the county policy allowed me to bring my baby to work for the first three months, and provided me with an electric breast-pump after my baby turned three months. Being able to breastfeed during these first three months helped me overcome the initial obstacles of breastfeeding.

My baby is now eight months old and is still completely breastfed. Our success is largely due to the county's breastfeeding policies.

This is written by Yolanda Escajeda, Community Nutrition Worker, Maricopa Co. WIC Program

I am Yolanda's supervisor at the WIC office. While she was bringing her baby to work, she was able to balance her job responsibilities and breastfeeding with a little help from her co-workers. It was really fun having a baby at the office. Having the baby at the office prompted conversation between the staff and the clients, and helped promote breastfeeding to our clients.

Andrea Wilson, RD

In May of 2000, I was lucky enough to get to bring my son to work with me. He was 7 weeks old. Every morning, until he was 6 months old, my husband would get him ready for work while I did the same. We would leave the house with a trunk full of essentials and arrive at work ready for the day. In the beginning he would spend a majority of his day on his "Boppy" pillow sleeping and nursing. As he got older and more curious he spent more time in his bouncy seat and "Pack and Play" playing and interacting with anyone that would walk by. My son went to meetings, conferences, computer software testing, and anywhere else my job would need us to go. He had regular visitors from around the office and for the most part brought a sense of peace. It's hard to be mad or upset when there is a baby around. No, it was not always easy to have him at the office but the difficult times were few and luckily I had strong support from my co-workers to conquer any troubles. My son is extremely social today and I attribute that to his early office experience. He is also extremely healthy which I attribute to the complete availability of breast milk until he was 7 months old.

After I returned to work without him I took part in our office's pumping program, which consisted of an electric pump and the time necessary to adequately pump. Due to this program, I was able nurse my son until he was 15 months.


Arizona Department of Health Services

Office of Nutrition Services

"Intel's openness in regards to the needs of breastfeeding mothers was very refreshing to me as a working mom. Intel provides mother's rooms for women at work while away from their babies. With both my sons, I worked flexible hours and was given the opportunity to use the mother's rooms provided by Intel for nursing mothers. This allowed me to continue to put the health and comfort of my children first while still applying my efforts and focus on Intel. The mother's room was equipped with phone, internet and email access to allow me to continue to be productive for Intel while taking care of my children's needs as well."

Maryann Iannitti, Intel Marketing Manager.

I have 2 children the first son is now 4 and a half and I only had a small amount of trouble but for some reason I decided to stop when he was 3 months old. My second son is nearly 13 weeks. I was determined to breastfeed for at least 6 months. Well Isaac had a different plan for me. Due to health problems when he was born he had to have a bottle of either breast milk or formula when I wasn't there and was tube fed for a week. This made him quite a lazy feeder who didn't want to work for his food. After many many stressful feeds I decided that I couldn't take anymore so I hired a medela breast pump and express all his feeds. While I don't attach Isaac I am still exclusively breastfeeding him and am very proud that I lasted this long. I admit it is very tiring expressing every 3-4 hours and feeding Isaac a bottle every 2-3 hours during the day and usually once at night. The only drawback is that I have to make sure that I express before I go anywhere and try to be near my pump when I start to get a bit full. I hope other new mums will decide to go this way if they have problems with their babies attaching.

Good luck to everyone!


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