Fire Dennis Erickson

Fire Dennis Erickson (or at least don't offer him an extension)

I never thought that hiring Dennis Erickson to coach Arizona State football was a good move for the Sun Devils. Here is why:

Lack of Control Over His Program
During his time at the University of Miami, the Hurricanes were found to have broken NCAA rules on Pell Grants due to a member of the financial aid office, and were placed on three years' probation not long after Erickson left the school for 'lack of institutional controls.'

2008 Stats (as of 29 November 2008)
76th in scoring offense with 264 points
91st in total offense with 3551 yards
40th in scoring defense with 241 points allowed
43rd in total defense with 3633 yards allowed
19th in penalties with 86 penalties for 741 yards

2007 Stats
38th in scoring offense with 420 yards
57th in total offense with 5577 yards
59th in penalties with 80 penalties for 734 yards

Dennis Erickson would be better for a different football program, not at Arizona State.

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