Refurbished, could be the way to go

Going green is somewhat of a big deal now. Why not, go green and get a refurbished electronic unit instead of a brand spanking new one. You are in a sense, recycling.

Check out the following video. It talks about refurbished high definition televisions from secondact.com.

Second Act News Feature (WCCO-CBS) from Second Act on Vimeo.

If you would like to see what secondact.com is selling now, be sure to follow this (commission free) link, or the link on the right (if it is being displayed).

update:SecondAct.com is no more.

The team at Second Act would like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 6 years. Unfortunately, owed to the current economic environment, we have been forced to cease operations. We have thoroughly enjoyed assisting you with your HDTV purchases and regret having to leave the scene. We hope that you have felt well served by our efforts on your behalf.

Also, the tv I bought at secondact.com seems to have busted. Check out this blog for more info: http://samsunglcdtvtrouble.blogspot.com/

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