Stand up to verbal intimidation

This page introduces the topic of verbal intimidation and instructs the reader to stand up to it.

Possible defenses include slowing down the conversation, employing subtle humiliation, active curiosity, and to ignore some statements.

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Dangerous times in a preemptive war

Western governments affirm their willingness to use nuclear power in a preemptive strike in order to thwart possible attack.

Read more at wsws.org

Government priorities cartoon

Saw this on Workers World.

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Beware of Suspicious IRS e-Mail/Phishing

Beware of a recent email from the "IRS". The email with subject "Tax Refund - Online Form" goes like this:

Internal Revenue Service
Online Refund Form

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $375.20.

Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 3-9 days in order to process it.

A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.

To access the form for your tax refund, please click here»

Don't open the email or click on anything within it.
It links to muslimunity . us

The IRS says this about this recent phishing email:
A recent e-mail scam tells taxpayers that the IRS has calculated their "fiscal activity" and that they are eligible to receive a tax refund of a certain amount. Taxpayers receive a page of, or are sent to, a Web site (titled "Get Your Tax Refund!") that copies the appearance of the genuine "Where's My Refund?" interactive page on the genuine IRS Web site. Like the real "Where's My Refund?" page, taxpayers are asked to enter their SSNs and filing status. However, the phony Web page asks taxpayers to enter their credit card account numbers instead of the exact amount of refund as shown on their tax return, as the real "Where's My Refund?" page does.

For more info please visit the IRS's webpage


Facebook Wall Spam

I'm sure someone else has noticed Facebook Wall spam that is trying to sell me free ringtones which I don't want or need. I've received 4 different wall posts from 3 different people. This is quite upsetting.

Does Facebook have a solution?

Only time will tell.

In the meanwhile I've removed some of the Facebook Applications from my profile. I figure the less involved I am in Facebook the better.


ASU Center for Community Development & Civil Rights

Volunteer with the ASU Center for Community Development & Civil Rights!

The ASU Center for Community Development and Civil Rights is currently seeking facilitator volunteers to teach its 9-week parent involvement program. Offered as a community outreach initiative under the American Dream Academy the parent education program has given over 2,500 parents the necessary tools to make sure their children are on the path to a college education.

Our facilitator volunteers come from all walks of life but share a commitment to improving the educational lives of Arizona's families. If this sounds like you or someone you know please join us for our facilitators training Feb 2nd & 3rd at the downtown Phx ASU campus from 9a-3p (both days). Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days. The facilitator volunteer is a compensated volunteer effort. Scroll down for more information on the facilitator position.

We have opportunities to volunteer in 14 schools across the Valley for our upcoming Winter/Spring 08 sessions. Facilitators are needed in both Spanish and English.
Facilitator training takes place February 2nd & 3rd at the downtown Phoenix ASU campus, 411 N Central Avenue. Contact Yesenia Puente at 602-496-0428 yesenia.puente@asu.edu or for more information.

What is a facilitator?
A facilitator is the individual responsible for teaching and facilitating the PIQE nine-week parent training course at local elementary, middle, and high schools. The program is held over a nine-week period, in which the initial planning session delineates the mission of the program and documents the issues and concerns of the parents. The following six core classes strive to increase the academic success of K to 12 grade students and lower the dropout rate through parental involvement at home and in the schools in underserved communities as a pathway out of poverty.
What are the requirements/qualifications?
Have a Bachelor's degree in any area or comparable work experience.
Have experience facilitating a group.
General knowledge of the US School System.
Attend a weekend facilitator training.
Have an overall strong desire to improve the lives of all students.
In order to service the needs of the families within the school communities we work with, SPANISH & ENGLISH SPEAKING FACILITATORS ARE NEEDED.
What you need to invest in terms of time
Commitment of 9 weeks to teach the parent course for an hour and a half a week.
Attend a 1 hour weekly facilitator meeting at the ASU Center for Communitgy Development & Civil Rights office.
Total average of 3 1/2 hours a week.
What will I gain if I choose to be a facilitator?

A stipend of $600 and the biggest rewards of all:
1. You are giving back to your community and
2. You are helping parents and in turn their children.
Facilitator training takes place February 2nd & 3rd at the downtown Phoenix ASU campus, 411 N Central Avenue. Contact Yesenia Puente at 602-496-0428 or via e-mail yesenia.puente@asu.edu for more information.

Have You Heard?

Click on the links below to see and hear some of the great news about the ASU Center for Community Development & Civil Rights parent involvement program using the PIQE curriculum model.

Know 99's 99-second podcast on YouTube

ASU Office of the President - Podcast

ASU In the Community

Facilitator training takes place February 2nd & 3rd from 9-3p at the downtown Phoenix ASU campus, 411 N Central Avenue. Contact Yesenia Puente at 602-496-0428 yesenia.puente@asu.edu for more information.


Important 2008 Iraq dates

According to Iraq (and DC): 2008 Preview ; these are the important dates for Iraq in 2008:
Iraq: Important Dates in 2008

  • Jan. 10: Anniversary of the "Surge"
  • Jan. 28: President's State of the Union address
  • Feb. 4: Probable date of submission of the FY 2009 budget, including Iraq funding for FY09
  • Week of Feb 11: Probable date of 4,000th U.S. Fatality
  • Feb. 22: Anniversary of Samarra bombing
  • March: General Petraeus Report
  • March: Pentagon Quarterly Report
  • March 19: 5th Anniversary of War
  • June: Pentagon Quarterly Report
  • June: War funding runs out
  • June: Kirkuk Referendum Deadline
  • July: Troop levels projected to reach 130,000, ending the "surge"
  • July 31: Deadline for Bush/Maliki Agreement
  • Sept: Pentagon Quarterly Report, Possible Petraeus report
  • Sept 1-30: Ramadan
  • Oct. 2, 2008: Vice Presidential debate (Domestic and foreign policy focus)
  • Oct. 15, 2008: Presidential debate (Foreign policy focus)
  • December: Pentagon Quarterly Report
  • December: UN Mandate Expires
  • Other Events, Dates Unknown:
  • FY2008 Supplemental
  • FY2009: Defense/State Authorizations
  • FY2009: Defense/State Appropriations
  • FY2009: Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental
  • Iraqi Provincial Elections (delayed from 07)
  • Completion of US Embassy (early-mid 08)


Identity theft follow up

Placing a fraud alert tells someone loaning money in your name to call you first. Drawback: Might delay an impulsive credit purchase.

Here's how to do it:
Call 1-888-397-3742

This is the number for Experian, one of the major credit reporting bureaus. They'll report the fraud alert to other bureaus.

Calling this number gives you automated options. Here's what to do:
Press 2 (you don't want the "free" offer),
Press 3 (you want the fraud stuff, not more sales offers),
Press 2 (to place an alert),
Press 1 (for initial 90-day fraud alert).
Getting to this stage takes approximately 1 minute; then you punch in your personal identification numbers.

Alternatively, if you've been the victim of identity theft you may place a 7 year fraud alert. To do this instead of pressing 1 on the final step (for the initial 90-day fraud alert), press 3 for instructions on how to write to the credit bureau to place that 7 year alert.

Super-easy and free process: www.annualcreditreport.com
or call 1-877-322-8228

Death and Taxes Poster

Check out this informational visual aid that
is a uniquely revealing look at our national priorities, that fluctuate yearly, according to the wishes of the President, the power of Congress, and the will of the people. Thousands of pages of raw data have been boiled down to one poster that provides the most open and accessible record of our nations' spending than ever seen before. If you pay taxes, then you have paid for a small part of everything in the poster.

To sum up the major categories in no particular order:
US Air Force $136.426 billion +5%
Intelligence Budget $45 billion
US Army $129.996 billion +16%
Defense Wide $77.345 billion +7%
US Marine Corp $20.029 billion +6%
US Navy $119.482 billion +38%
Global War on Terror $145.200 billion
Other Agencies $7.500 billion +15%
Department of Veterans Affairs $39.418 billion +19%
National Science Foundation $5.901 billion +3%
Dept. of State $34.998 billion +21%
Dept. of Transportation $63.679 billion +10%
NASA $17.310 billion +7%
Dept. of Labor $10.569 billion -10%
Dept. of the Treasury $12.136 billion +6%
Dept. of Justice $20.181 billion +4%
Dept. of Health & Human Services $67.650 billion
Dept. of Housing & Urban Development $35.201 billion +2%
Dept. of Homeland Security $34.288 billion +7%
Environmental Protection Agency $7.200 billion -4%
Dept. of Energy $24.260 billion +6%
Small Business Administration %0.463 billion +5%
Dept. of Education $55.995 billion
Corps of Engineers $4.871 billion +3%
Dept. of Commerce $6.467 billion +8%
Dept. of Agriculture $20.226 billion +3%
Judicial Branch $6.720 billion +14%
Legislative Branch $4.820 billion +16%
Executive Office of the President $0.340 billion -12%

College Pick em results!

Looks like I came in second, congrats to the champ!

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