What is everydayactivist.com?

What is everydayactivist.com?
Here are some of the things you will find.

Learn how simple lifestyle changes can improve the environment!
From super easy to more challenging, you will find things to do at home, work, and school as well as while driving, shopping, etc. Whenever possible, the measurable effects of each action are provided in dollars saved, pounds of carbon dioxide produced, etc.

Track your impact!E-mail this easy to understand information to your friends and family then watch the impact of your simple action. Using no personal identifying information (only zip codes), watch as your friends tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on. Each time someone passes along this eco-information, you can see what kind of power you have to change the world! A map of the United States will appear and your effects will be mapped out before your very eyes!

Links to other valuable information!
Find more information about specific global issues, legislative issues, local activist opportunities, companies on the "green list," and even "green" things to do on a rainy day!

As the name EverydayActivist implies, there is more to life than our impact on the environment. But when we make healthy and responsible choices in any are of our life, those choices are usually also good for the environment. For example, walking more burns more calories and walking is a clean and green mode of transportation.

Remember, that the key to ecological change is to think simply and take small steps. You might be surprised when you start "clapping" how quickly the whole auditorium will be filled with a thunderous ovation.

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