How dare you ride your bike in my city

On 22 July 2006, Minneapolis Police Officer Jason Andersen allegedly murdered Fong Lee.

According to eye witnesses Anderson used his squad car to strike Lee's bicycle from possibly knocking Lee down.

Lee, no doubt fearing for his life, attempted to run away. Andersen then shot Lee, in the back, four times.

Andersen, being the merciful person that he is, then shot Lee another four times as Lee lay dying.

MPD put a lot of Bill O'Reilly Spin Free spin on it, and pinned a medal of valor on Andersen.

Read more about this incident at Indy Media and learn more about Communities United Against Police Brutality.

update: See this page at Indymedia for more info on the story.


WARNING: Dangerous people running lose in Maricopa County

* * * * WARNING * * * * *

This is a warning to all people living in Maricopa County, Arizona.

There is an organization that will verbally abuse and with little provocation may physical abuse you.

They have been identified as wearing brown uniforms with Maricopa County Sheriff credentials.

They are armed with both lethal and non-lethal weaponry.

They are dangerous.

If you see them you should avoid eye contact and try to leave the area.


Thinking about barricading yourself in your bedroom, think again

On 12 April 2009 two Folsom Police officers allegedly murdered Joseph Han after Han's family called the police to help deal with Han.

Police found Han barricaded in his bedroom.

Han had a hunting knife to defend himself.

Instead of finding less violent ways to de-escalate the situation, the two officers rushed the room, shot, and killed Han.

The lesson to be learned today is that you should never, NEVER, lock yourself in your room with a knife.

The police will come. And they will end your suffering (or whatever) for you.

Read more about it at Sacto 911