Wal Mart Against Employee Free Choice

When former Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott was asked about Employee Free Choice he said:

"We like driving the car and we're not going to give the steering wheel to anybody but us."

After so many years of mistreatment, it's time that Wal-Mart workers get the chance to have a say.

Wal-Mart Watch has partnered with the Service Employees International Union to fight for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it much easier for Wal-Mart workers to form unions. The bill, which is being introduced today in Congress, will help stop Wal-Mart from intimidating or firing workers who choose to organize.

But Wal-Mart and other big corporations are doing everything they can to stop this important legislation. Watch this short video about the scare tactics they're using to mislead Americans about the Employee Free Choice Act:

See the scare tactics used by Big Business to stop Employee Free Choice


We all know that Wal-Mart workers deserve a raise. The Employee Free Choice Act will help to rebuild America's middle class by finally giving 1.4 million Wal-Mart employees a fair chance to join their voices together and earn a seat at the table when determining their wages, benefits and working conditions.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart and other corporations are lining up to spend big bucks scaring the American public about Employee Free Choice. Watch the following video of corporate CEOs making ridiculous and untrue statements about this bill -- and then send it to your friends and family to spread the truth about Employee Free Choice:


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