Age Appropriate Play Activities

Here are some fun ways for you to play with your young child.

Birth to Six Months
  • Rub baby's arms and legs with different fabrics such as satin and flannel.

  • Faces fascinate babies. Place a mirror near baby's changing table, or draw faces on paper plates for baby

Seven to Twelve Months
  • Create a crawling obstacle course out of different size pillows

  • Place a favorite toy under a blanke, and encourage your baby to find it

  • Give baby a spoon and a pot, and let baby bang away

One to Two Years
  • Take your toddler on a nature walk. Let toddler fill a pail with the leaves, twigs, and pinecones toddler sees along the way.

  • Create a photo album with portraits of people he loves or different animals, vehicles, or foods. Then encourage him to name each one.

Two to Three Years
  • Children this age love to jump, climb, throw, run, dance, and do somersaults.

  • Building block towers - the taller the better - is a favorite pursuit.

  • Pretend play becomes a very important activity

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