Discount Magazines Now

"As a loyal customer of [insert credit card company here] you have been awarded a $100 [insert popular retailer here] gift card."

Discount Magazines Now called me up. Clever little scam they've got going on. They managed to catch me of guard. I was in Wisconsin at the time, I've no idea why I answered the phone. That was my first mistake.

The person on the other line, sounded from [my bank]. She had an Indian accent. From India. She told me everything that [my bank] knew about me. My address, my phone number (obviously), my name. After confirming everything she asked me if she could transfer me to her supervisor.

In my confusion I said, "Sure." That was my second mistake.

The supervisor then told me that the following portion of the call would be recorded, to ensure quality. I agree. Third mistake.

While this supervisor is asking me to spell out my name I hang up. By then it was too late.

I called [my bank] when I got home and talked to the customer service person, also happens to have an Indian accent. From India.

I explain what happened. This person ends up enrolling me in [my bank]'s credit and identity protection service. What the frak.

What I will end up doing is attempting to call Discount Magazines Now, which has sent me a letter confirming my enrollment in their program, and try to cancel. I'm guessing this will be tough because their website sure doesn't allow a person to do that.

Then I will dispute all of their charges with [my bank].

Then, if necessary I will cancel my credit card.

The moral of the story is, never, ever, answer your phone.

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