What do you want out of a relationship?

What is a relationship?
A state of connectedness between people that promotes personal growth and development that is nurtured by mutual trust, understanding, and love.

How many relationships have you had?
That depends on what kind of relationship you are referring to. Do you mean like a romantic committed relationship or a relationship between close friends? I guess that doesn't really matter but it might be easier to count the number of committed relationships a person has had than the number of good friends they've had. I suppose I could try.
3+ committed romantic relationships.
37+ true friendship type relationships that I can remember throughout my life.

How many of those relationships could have been better?
Most of them.

What does a person want out of a relationship?
I'm sure each person wants different things but here is a partial list:
  • feel confident

  • feel loved

  • have passion

  • be cared for

  • be respected

  • be thought about

  • comfortable enough to publicly display emotion

  • humor

  • laughter

  • spiritualy and a sense of community

  • shared dreams

Relationships aren't easy but I've learned that living authentically is the best way to go about improving your social wellness.

Be well.

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