T Mobile: Poor poor customer service

I've had plenty to say against T Mobile (T Mobile Billing Sucks: The story)

Now I've got something else to say.

I've been trying to find out when exactly my contract expires, so I can cancel my service.
But I haven't been able to talk to a customer service representative. I've been trying for about a week now. I've called a few times, I've even tried their chat function.

But after waiting for thirty minutes I decided to try my luck on the phone again.
I've got to be careful when on the phone with them. I once attempted to make a payment using their automated system but ended up talking to a live person and so T Mobile charged my account $5 for making the payment that way.

More than likely they'll charge me some fee for having to mail me my bill since they'll deactivate my.tmobile web access.

Update: I waited, and waited, and 58 minutes later I saw got these messages. Damn.

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