Little Caesars ventures into mobile coupons, unsuccesfully

Little Caesars made an attempt at a pretty cool $3.99 promotion this weekend to coincide with their bowl game sponsorship. Unfortunately their execution was lacking in the, shall we say, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing department.

Little Caesars offered mobile coupons, the kind where you show your phone with the coupon displayed to the cashier and they say, "Oh it looks like you have a mobile coupon, great, I'll apply that to your order."

This would've worked great except that the staff were trained to accept only coupons that are printed on paper.

Here is the screen grab of the Little Caesars home page. Note the little mobile phone on the bottom left.

Look at the url for the mobile coupon.

Look at the url for the coupon that is intended to be printed.

If you were negatively affected by this please let Little Caesar know, and twitter it: @littlecaesars

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