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There are lots of websites out there that try to scam you into buying useless products or services. Identity theft protection, weight loss supplements, and too good to be true investment opportunities are just a small sampling of what lurks. Fortunately there are people that put out great websites that help inform us of all these scams so that we may protect ourselves. CarBuyingTips.com is one of those great services.
Learn about buying new cars, auto finance, used cars, car insurance, and auto leasing. That is just a bit of what you can learn about.

Here is what I found most useful:
How To Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams
  1. Search online used car classifieds and papers

  2. Get a vehicle history report

  3. Get a used car loan

  4. Negotiate tough

  5. Get an extended warranty

Top 10 Car Dealer Scams
  1. The "financing fell through" scam

  2. The "straw purchase" scam

  3. The "forget to pay off your trade in" scam

  4. The "lie to the customer about the credit score" scam

  5. The "your online lender bounces checks" scam

  6. ...

Free Downloads
  • Budget spreadsheet

  • 4 scenario loan spreadsheet

Car Loan Financing Tips and Scams
  • "Subject to auto financing" scam

  • "bad credit" car financing credit score scam

I put my financial info into the budget spreadsheet. Aside from realizing I am not where I should be financially, here is what is suggested for me to request:
For a 24 month loan: $5418
For a 36 month loan: $7748
For a 42 month loan: $8829
For a 48 month loan: $9857
Thank you CarBuyingTips.com for your dedication to consumer protection.

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