Help me to understand your xenophobia

Help me to understand how you can be so filled with xenophobia and bigotry that you back away from creating communities that people can be proud to live in. Your recent actions are incredibly threatening and overtly hostile. It seems to me that you are so frightened and insecure of losing your cultural identity that you lash out against those that are different.
When I see children I see them for what they are, immature people.

What do you see?

What frightens you so much about a certain group of people that you take vast action against them?

That you pass legislation to cripple their economy?

That you attempt to pass legislation to punish children for the alleged crimes of the parents?

Or that you fail to enact legislation that results in cruel and inhumane treatment of our fellow human beings?

How does seeing members of our communities

cause you to rise up with so much anger?

We need the powers that be to take appropriate action

But until they do, there will those among us that work towards improving our communities

Donate to Humane Borders

Donate to no more deaths

Call to repeal Nafta

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