How do you show your Christian spirit to your non-Christian neighbors?

As a prominent atheist I have certainly had my share of fan mail over the years. Here is but a small sampling of email messages I've received. Read (some of) these and examine your own attitudes and reactions about those that you do not agree with.

"You vile Jews hate Christ, so this comes as no surprise. I'm sure we'll never see a billboard disparaging Chanukah from you rats. And of course, you wouldn't dare put up an anti-Islam billboard, because the Muslims would cut your Hebrew balls off and feed them to you you Christ-killing cocksucker you! Merry Christmas!"

"Anyone who is a member of, or works for the anti-american atheists, is an ignorant fucking asshole. Make America a better place : LEAVe MY COUVTRY "

NO kind of invisible power or the celebration of solstice will save you from going to HELL.It is a real place that ALL of you will find out about eventually.May GOD help you all to see the light because if you keep on this self-destructing path your on than all of you WILL spend eternity in everlasting pain and suffering.MAY GOD BLESS

You have the right P.O box
I have personally seen God.
You are an arrogant piece of shit.
If it we legal, I would delight in ripping you to pieces.
Have a nice day, shitbag

No one really cares what such a small, insignificant group such as yours wants. Atheists are such a small minority, why should the rest of America be ruled by what you believe? Do you really have nothing better to do than to waste so much time and so many resources on fighting this? My goodness. Go volunteer for a local homeless shelter or something if you have this much time on your hands instead of letting your life be ruined by hate. On your death bed, do you really believe you'll look back and think you made a difference by doing nothing more than fighting to have something, that so many people believe in, and find comfort in, removed from government? Find something to do so that will make you a productive member of society and not just a hemorrhoid.

Because of the Jews like you who stink with an ego and mediocrity the world that searches for the Light on to the nations (People of the book) runs into
a dark tunnel of hate. You assult the ability to believe.
People who do not belive create death everywhere - Russia, Kombodia, China - name it.
Your spirital father Marx would be proud of you. But when the hell breaks loose for you
you will see that you squandered G-d given talent for the sake of your immorality that you seem to be justifing.
Study Greek philosophers, you will hopefully understand, that by attempting to redefine the essence you do not touch it but the one who is listening.
You do not believe that you were created and the infinite complexity of you DNA and RNA and protein folds are working correctly.
So let the Almighty show you that when one of the quadrillions of mechanisms in the body fails to do its job (atheists worship statistics )a person may regreat he was put on Earth - the act that he did not choose.
regards my philosopher

This is very simple. If you do not like America, One Nation Under God, Go to a godless country. Any other country is fine. But rest assured, when you die, which from your website picture, isn't to far off, you Will SEE Jesus Christ. I know you don't believe me, you don't have to. But you will see him. I will pray for your conversion before you die, but it still is very simple. Go to russia or any other place & they will tell you what to do, where to go, and how much you have. If you look for Jesus you will find him. Hey, even the devil believes in God. So you must not believe in him either. There is good & bad in the world. How you choose to accept these things will tell you where you will be when you die. Praying for your conversion,

You don’t have the right to tell us what is legal or what is illegal. This country was founded on Christian values and morals. We the people, the vast majority of American people will not let you under mind the principles this country was founded on.
I don’t hate you, you are a very wise person, you know this is a Christian country, you live in it, accept it, your views are not shared by 80% - 90% of the people in America. Conform to that 10%, sorry, be quiet while you talk, sorry.
Jesus loves you and so do I

Hallo Satan,
Did you know that God already defeated you? So why are you trying to stop him? Shame, you poor old Bastard. Leave him alone. He is an innocent child who doesn?t need your hell.

I respect the face that you are an atheist but why must you degrade people who believe in god. Does the sign in Kentucky really piss you off that much? Say you do get it removed will the world be a better place? Why don’t you stop bitching and complaining and do something that is worth -while instead of leading a crusade against god. Yelling long enough and loud enough does not validate facts. Whether we consider the origin of the Solar System, man and animals, plants and rock formations, or read "Evolution," F.H.T. Rhodes book of "proofs," the theory of evolution never sprouted a leg to stand on.

Evolution is not fact! It is not even science!
It cannot stand up to the first two laws of Thermodynamics and the process has only been theorized, but never proved. As a propaganda device devised by those who rejected God while seeking human answers for man's origin, it's a classic. Humanistic evolution is a religion and I agree that it needs to be expelled from school.
In a society that trumpets diversity, open forums and free-thinking, why has creationism been disallowed in the unleveled arena of most public educational systems? Granted it takes faith to believe that, "In the beginning (time) God (intelligent designer) created the heaven (space) and the earth" (matter and activated these with light. But to believe that nothing packed itself into a compact ball of nothingness (why?) and exploded (how? by what?) thus producing hydrogen and helium (from where?) causing meteors (from what?) to fly into frictionless space spinning in different directions thus accidentally forming our perfectly balanced and ordered universe so that after billions of years man evolved from a rock or some primordial soup and somehow whole swimming in water (?) adapted a lung and limbs to crawl up on "land?" that takes faith, a whole lot of faith!

Do you not understand that you are the same concept as any religion, creed,
or belief system? Without religion in society there never would have been a
basic moralistic structure...period. Godless soceties are thought of as evil
throughout history, and any evil empires such as Rome or Nazi Germany
were athiests like yourselves who used religeon to control the masses
because it was the fastest way to reach their goals of complete dominance.
You think your enlightened but truly enlightened people strive for higher
knowlege without petty persuits such as court battles over what a group of
people can display on a wall! It in no way encumbers your rights or has any
effect on your personal being. It's a frivolous endevour and certainly not one
of higher thinking. All societies who were a god unto themselves quickly
digressed into anarchy and self destructed. If you are able to think moments
before you die you will come to the realization that all your efforts to dispell
so called "mythical creatures" has been in vain and you'll close your eyes
then wake up with God on your mind and not the absence thereof...Deep
down your guilt will finally win out over your denial. Good day.

wow you are so freaking stupid. mytholigical
creatures? yes that is what you are. and your
all fat, and you eat cat turds. how are those
cat turds by the way? is this why you are so
stupid? doest the cat eat things they find in
the fields that when it craps it out and you
run over and eat it, it makes you stupid? you
could just stop eating those cat turds then
you wouldn't have to be atheist anymore. you
could believe in something other than the
stupid rants of hollywood. stop eating those
cat turds my good friends. no need. waist not
your lives on the runny sloppy cat turds you
enjoy so much. they have brought you down low
low low my bro. maybe you'll loose some fat as
well if you lay of those turds. maybe the
smell of you will go away. yes try the
spaggetti and be not a fat stinky stupid.


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Thank you to Trader Joes

It's a dream come true for St. Mary's Food Bank and thousands of Arizonans suffering in the economic crisis.

On Monday, St. Mary's was 2,000 turkeys shy of the Thanksgiving goal and Trader Joe's stepped up with 6,000 roasted half turkeys for enough holiday boxes to feed about 20,000 people.

"We see it every year, where there's an angel out there, multiple angels out there who will help us make the difference for many of our neighbors in the community," says Terry Shannon with St. Mary's.

He says the need this year has doubled from two years ago.

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And Shannon says thanks to Trader Joes they will be able to serve the record numbers they are seeing.


BART Shooting

What happens when a cop "mistakingly" pulls out his pistol instead of his taser?
This happens:

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BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant


Have you seen me?

Hi, my name is Cassandra and I am missing. If you see me, please call the police.
Here is some more identifying information about me:
15 yrs, 5'8, 160 lbs, brown hair and eyes wears glasses, mole on rt cheek

I was last seen in the El Paso, Texas area Friday 5 November. I may have run away or I may have been abducted.

Keep a look out for me. My family misses me dearly and is concerned for my safety.

Update: I was last seen with this person, Miguel Magallon

Update: I have been found.

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