Thank you to Trader Joes

It's a dream come true for St. Mary's Food Bank and thousands of Arizonans suffering in the economic crisis.

On Monday, St. Mary's was 2,000 turkeys shy of the Thanksgiving goal and Trader Joe's stepped up with 6,000 roasted half turkeys for enough holiday boxes to feed about 20,000 people.

"We see it every year, where there's an angel out there, multiple angels out there who will help us make the difference for many of our neighbors in the community," says Terry Shannon with St. Mary's.

He says the need this year has doubled from two years ago.

"We're seeing incredible numbers of new faces, individuals where mom and dad were both working. And now one has had hours cut back or lost their job. So what happens is their food budget gets squeezed incredibly tight."

And Shannon says thanks to Trader Joes they will be able to serve the record numbers they are seeing.

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