New Years Eve Tips

Do plan ahead for transportation.

You're a moron if you assume you can just call a cab on New Year's Eve.
Ever try? Wait time is usually four hours. Which means you'll be
walking home in the cold. Happy 2011!

Don't chase the dragon.
This is not a reference to drugs. What we mean is this: don't hop from
party to party looking for the best one. What are you expecting anyway?
Just stick to one spot and decide to have a good time. You have the

Do think about your feet. Ladies, if you strap
on a pair of impossible stilettos, we expect you to wear them all
night. No one wants to see your bare feet on a party floor with confetti
and cigarette butts stuck to the bottom (ew). We say go for something
more practical. Or bring a pair of backup flats.

Don't be the girl who cries.
There's always one of these at every NYE party. If your 2010 sucked and
you think you might get emotional about it, stay home and cry by
yourself because we don't want to see that shit.

Do dress weather appropriate.
So the low for NYE in Phoenix is 29 freakin' degrees.

Don't send the mass "Happy New Year's!" text.
Annoying! Are you trying to be sincere? Because sending sentiments
through this most impersonal mode of communication is just pathetic.
Plus, we all know it's a mass text and that makes us feel even less
special than no text at all.

Do prepare your body. During
New Year's Eve day, there are many things you must do: drink lots of
water, take your vitamins, eat three full meals, and take your birth
control pill.

Read the entire list of tips (and more) here [http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/]

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