Terrorism! But could we have prevented it?

Days ago, Representative Gabrielle Giffords was presumably shot in the head by an Amerikan Terrorist, Jared Lee Loughner. If only, someone had the god given ability to predict the future, this could have been prevented.

But there was a person that warned us that this would happen:

Sarah Palin!
She, took it upon herself to ensure that a map, predicting future violent outbreaks of Amerikan Terrorism, was posted to her website, to warn us of the imminent danger.

Her god given clairvoyance was wasted by an Amerikan public that was too consumed with the mid-term elections, the holiday season, and shopping to notice her belligerent warning. I sure hope that we pay more attention to people like Sarah Palin. How many more warnings shall we continue to ignore?

Could this have been the mastermind of this atrocious act of terrorism?

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